Elk Mountain October 2021, The Long Way Around

It was a beautiful Halloween weekend and I took the opportunity to get outside into nature, shocker I know. I know from past experience the bridge up the Wilson River Trail is seasonal and if I remember right it comes down November 1st. Technically it was 10/30 so I had time, packed my gear and headed to the Tillamook Forest for the day.

Elk Mountain Summit
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Phish Double Header in Eugene

Before the world went to shit this is how things should have worked out. Phish announced the release of their new album Sigma Oasis. A few months later Sigma Oasis would be released and then kick off summer tour 2020. This summer tour would open with two nights at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. I was stocked to have the tour opener in my back yard and for two nights no less. Not my first time seeing Phish here either so I was looking forward to getting back.

To the south was the Willamette valley farm area.

This was originally schedule for July 14th and 15th 2020 but due to covid-19 it was schedule for the following year on July 13th and 14th 2021. As the year went on and the new date came near, things didn’t improve with covid so it was reschedule a second time for fall tour 2021. This time the show proceed and I was grateful to have Phish touring again. With such a long gap between tours staying in town and making this a mini vacation was an easy choice.

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Burlington Loop November 2020

Fall is here and winter is coming. It was a decent weekend with cold temperature and lots of fog on this hike. It was creepy as hell walking into the forest. It felt like the deeper we got the forest the creepier it got. It was a scene from a classic slasher movie that we happen to be living through. We kept telling ourselves it was totally fine walking into the woods in the dense fog like this.

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Cape Disappointment for Razor Clams May 2021

Camped April 30 to May 2nd 2021

When razor clams are in season and the moon is just right we get several campsites at Cape Disappointment and dig for clams. When we stay is based a lot on the phase of the moon and when it rises. That cycle is not like the sun so low tide can be at anytime during the trip.

Welcome to Cape Disappointment State Park

This time it worked out that the best times for low tide was over a weekend and during the day. The perfect tide ended up being the last day in April and the first few of May. Spring was still hanging on with cold temperatures and blustery wind at times. It was on occasion raining but was still very much unpredictable so planning to camping this far out was a gamble. But we know for sure the sites will go because of razor clam season so we booked our sites and hoped for the best.

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Hidden Lake Trail #779 June 2021

So this trail I did the month prior in the snow and made it all the way to hidden lake. The review I read that day were accurate, snow covered the trail at higher elevation and make it impossible to get very far. With a lot of determination I stumbled my way to the lake. With it later in the season I was hoping the snow would be clear and I could get further. I wanted to see the lake again and make it to the top of the trail which intersected the Pacific Crest Trail.

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