Overland Expo PNW 2022

I got rid of my Tacoma over a decade ago and have never been one for overlanding but I enjoy being outside and have fond memories of four wheeling. This year was the first time the Overland Expo was held at the Deschutes Expo Center in the PNW. A huge crowd was in attendance all weekend. Before this year the closest event was in Flagstaff, AZ which Bobby attended in 2017. Back then Bobby and some friends did an overland trip through the back country to get to Flagstaff. If you are going to an overland event why not overland to get there.

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Waterfront Blues Festival 2022

In the before times I got a weekend pass to the Waterfront Blues Festival over the July 4th weekend. The lineup was a mix of funk and soul with acts like Lettuce, Mavis Staples, Femi Kuti and Positive Force and Antibalas I was interested in seeing. The Greyboy Allstars were even playing a late night show at the Marriott across from the festival. It was going to be a great time so I got a weekend pass. As we all know that plan turned to shit and the festival was cancelled. They brought it back for 2021 at the The Lot at Zidell Yards but for me the lineup wasn’t nearly as good so I didn’t go. Many bands were just not touring at that time.

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Grouse Vista Trail June 2022

I was on meow meow duty while the family was on the East Coast visiting Rehoboth Beach. I wanted to go but without a job at the moment it wasn’t a good idea spending all that money on a vacation. Plus someone need to take care of the fur babies and with the old sitter off to college, I volunteered. Being in Washington for almost a week I decided to do a hike on the last day of spring. Tracy had mentioned Silver Star Trail in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest a long time ago for wildflower viewing. I don’t have a high clearance vehicle so she suggested I start at Grouse Vista Trail and hiking to Silver Star Trail and then the summit.

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The Toasters Dante’s Friday, June 17th 2022

As much time as I spend reviewing band touring pages and venue websites I keep missing shows that are coming to town till just before if not the day before they perform. It happened again with The Toasters on their west coast swing through Portland at Dante’s. I get emails regularly from Dante’s and noticed on Thursday that The Toasters were playing the next day.

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Opacity of Performance

I will confess that I am not one for dance. Wednesday I received an email from the Portland Art Museum about a new temporary installation called Opacity of Performance by Takahiro Yamamoto. A few weeks prior when I was at the museum I saw the curtains were up and it peaked my interested. It’s just a bunch of shower curtains with a splash of color but it was enough to peak my interest. The performance was running for only two weeks, not everyday and only from noon to 5pm. Thursday it was opening and without anything else planned I decided to check it out.

Opacity of Performance by Takahiro Yamamoto
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