Garage a Trois Star Theater Sunday, December 19th 2021

Some how I missed Garage a Trois was coming go the Star Theater in downtown Portland. I only found out about it four days before it happened. It was an email from their record label talking about a west coast tour to support the new(ish) album Calm Down Cologne. They where doing three nights at Nectar and then Portland to close things out on Sunday. A day of rest and then off to California for a few days.

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Lettuce Roseland Theater Saturday, December 4th 2021

As the weather changes indoor venues around town fill up their schedule with bands touring during the winter months. Lettuce has announce a tour long ago that was scratched and since then they released new material. With things looking up they hit the road for a tour to promote their new album Resonate. In early December Lettuce was rolling through Portland with a stop at the Roseland Theater.

Lettuce Dec 4g
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Sedona Turkey

Pat has been on a kick to visit with the family now that vacations are a thing again and travel feels “safer” we planned a trip to Sedona for the Thanksgiving holiday. Middle of the country is easier for everyone to get to so Arizona was appropriate. Pat was here about 12 years ago and remembered how beautiful it was and wanted to go back. She found an eclectic house that was big enough for us all in West Sedona.

This was my first view when i woke up and walked out of the cottage. I was impressed.
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Elk Mountain October 2021, The Long Way Around

It was a beautiful Halloween weekend and I took the opportunity to get outside into nature, shocker I know. I know from past experience the bridge up the Wilson River Trail is seasonal and if I remember right it comes down November 1st. Technically it was 10/30 so I had time, packed my gear and headed to the Tillamook Forest for the day.

Elk Mountain Summit
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Phish Double Header in Eugene

Before the world went to shit this is how things should have worked out. Phish announced the release of their new album Sigma Oasis. A few months later Sigma Oasis would be released and then kick off summer tour 2020. This summer tour would open with two nights at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. I was stocked to have the tour opener in my back yard and for two nights no less. Not my first time seeing Phish here either so I was looking forward to getting back.

To the south was the Willamette valley farm area.

This was originally schedule for July 14th and 15th 2020 but due to covid-19 it was schedule for the following year on July 13th and 14th 2021. As the year went on and the new date came near, things didn’t improve with covid so it was reschedule a second time for fall tour 2021. This time the show proceed and I was grateful to have Phish touring again. With such a long gap between tours staying in town and making this a mini vacation was an easy choice.

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