The Toasters Dante’s Friday, June 17th 2022

As much time as I spend reviewing band touring pages and venue websites I keep missing shows that are coming to town till just before if not the day before they perform. It happened again with The Toasters on their west coast swing through Portland at Dante’s. I get emails regularly from Dante’s and noticed on Thursday that The Toasters were playing the next day.

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Opacity of Performance

I will confess that I am not one for dance. Wednesday I received an email from the Portland Art Museum about a new temporary installation called Opacity of Performance by Takahiro Yamamoto. A few weeks prior when I was at the museum I saw the curtains were up and it peaked my interested. It’s just a bunch of shower curtains with a splash of color but it was enough to peak my interest. The performance was running for only two weeks, not everyday and only from noon to 5pm. Thursday it was opening and without anything else planned I decided to check it out.

Opacity of Performance by Takahiro Yamamoto
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A Perfect Day at the Portland Art Museum

As a part of my membership to the Portland Art Museum I get free admission for two guests each year. My first pair is expiring soon so I reached out to some friends to see if anyone was interested in going. A friend replied back so we planned to go while she was off for a week from work in early June. Unfortunately the Frida Kahlo exhibit was closed but that didn’t matter. There is lots to explore in the museum’s permanent collection.

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Bob Dylan Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Tuesday, May 31st 2022

Way back in the before times Bob Dylan released a new album of material called Rough and Rowdy Ways. In support of that album he put together a tour in late summer 2020. Everyone thought covid would have passed so the tour was announced and tickets went on sale. Without much hesitation I bought tickets to the show at the amphitheater in Ridgefield, WA. The man is an American music legend and I was excited to see him before he passed. I still kick myself for not seeing B.B. King at The Birchmere before he passed. Never again. Unfortunately covid was still running wild throughout the country and a vaccine was not yet available. As the tour approached it was cancelled and my money was refunded to me. I wasn’t sure if I would ever have a chance to see Dylan live.

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Frida Kahlo and Mexican Modernism

Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism

Before this exhibit I didn’t know much about Frida or her life. I certainly know she is a famous artist and can spot her from all her self portraits but besides that, not much about what made her so unique. I love to learn so was excited when the Portland Art Museum had a special exhibit about her life and work. The museum once a quarter puts on special exhibits like this. As a member I get free admission and love to take advantage of that. The museum I think is great but doesn’t have a particularly noteworthy permanent collection that draws a large crowd. These special exhibits are what really draw the crowds, well at least me. Often you can stroll through the permanent collection and not run into other visitors depending on the day.

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