Manassas Battlefield


It has been years, since I was a kid actually, that I have been to the Manassas Civil War Battlefield.  I decided to stop by and walk around on my way home from Nancy’s house.  Normally I would do a hike in the early afternoon, but this time I was hoping to catch some good light as the sunset across the battlefield.

When I arrived I skipped over the visitor center thanks to my National Park Pass and went right to the Brawner House to hike.  When I was looking at the map it seemed like a long hike, I could walk around the park and get a few different views.  The trails are a little hard to follow, the markers are not clear and there is no real “trail” to follow, just open fields.

I was taking the long way around the to get to the Brawner House.  I was hoping to walk through the fields and forest as the sun set and then end up at the house when the sun is just about to set. Part of the trail was closed, so of course I took it.  I just had to see where the trail went and why I was not suppose to be there.  The trail had definitely been closed for a while.  Most of the trail was over grown with several down trees blocking the path.  It looks like the park authority is expanding the open fields in the park.  They have chopped down large sections of forest and it has created a mess for the trail.

Brawner House
Brawner House

This walk in the woods turned out to be a mistake.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to explore sections of the park no one has seen for a while.  But when I got back to my truck I found about 12 ticks crawling on me, several of them had started to bit me.  Every where I looked I would find one.  Big black wood ticks and several small deer ticks.  When I was satisfied I had gotten most off me Nancy called me.  When I answered the phone I noticed yet another tick just sitting on my shoulder.  I couldn’t tell you how badly I wanted to get home and take all my cloths off.