Widespread Panic Wolf Trap June 5th 2013

Widespread Panic took a break over most of 2012 and this was their first tour since the hiatus. When it was announced and I saw Wolf Trap on the schedule I jumped at tickets as soon as they went on sale. Later when I started signing up for classes, I made sure none were scheduled for Wednesday night so I could go to the show.

This was my actual seat in the pavilion before the show started. I ended up sitting on the lawn with some friends.

A few days before the show Maggie messaged me asking if I wanted to come. I told them I bought my ticket the day of and I was in.  I had a pavilion seat that was now useless but that was ok. I have always thought the vibe from the lawn is better and it’s better to see shows with friends as apposed to alone. I arranged to meet at their house in Centreville and carpool to Wolf Trap. Because I had a designated driver I was now free to drink. A quick stop during lunch for some beer and food and I was set.

We didn’t get to the venue till a quarter to 7 and I went I to get a spot on the lawn while they waited for tickets. I was not all the surprised to find the lawn pretty packed when I walked in. I was able to find a spot to the right of the stage down front, not the best spot but better than many that arrived later. At this point we settled in with drinks and food while we waited for show time. It being Wolf Trap I figured they would stick pretty close to the official start time.

While not a sold out show, it was a packed lawn and pretty full pavilion.

The show started almost on time and hit the ground running with Wondering > Pilgrims, Tall Boy. I had high hopes for a high energy show with an opening sequence like this. From here it took a decidedly mellower turn for the rest if set 1. The show had a groove and funk to it but never really busted out. My guess is that because they came off a long break, they were a little rusty. I was expecting the first half of the tour to be like this but to start rocking come the second half.

During the set break I meet a couple of cool people and talked to them for a while. They were not much into WSP but into other jam bands and decided to give them a shot. Greg and Maggie both commented on the fans at the show, not what they are use to seeing. All these hippies in one place and Greg noticed many of them would sway with the music.

copyright Matt Leunig
copyright Matt Leunig

I was hoping that the second set would be high energy but it was more mellow stuff. The show ended rather early for a WSP show but within the limits of Wolf Trap. Both Greg and Maggie enjoyed the show and I had a blast. While mellow the show didn’t disappoint. Getting out of Wolf Trap was a pain but that is par for the course here. It was a school night and I didn’t get home till 1am that night. Certainly well past my bed time but worth the memories. Can’t wait to see them next time around and hopefully Greg and Maggie will come along. Maybe get Nancy to come out as well, one can always hope.

Set 1 (7:44pm start)
1. Wondering >
2. Pilgrims
3. Tall Boy
4. Bowlegged Woman
5. Saint Ex
6. Trouble
7. Heroes >
8. Impossible >
9. Imitation Leather Shoes
Set 1 ends at 8:42pm

Set 2 (9:14pm start)
1. All Time Low
2. Pickin’ Up the Pieces
3. You Got Yours
4. Airplane >5. Shut Up and Drive
6. Bear’s Gone Fishin’
7. I’m Not Alone
8. Fishwater >
9. Porch Song
Set 2 ends at 10:25pm

encore: (10:30pm start)
10. Aunt Avis >
11. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Show over at 10:40pm