Leesylvania State Park Summer 2014

leesylvania_park_2014-01Monday was a day off from Phish tour.  No concert that night and the next city Portsmouth is an easy 3 hour drive, 4 with traffic.  I ran a few errands but also took the time to hike Leesylvania State Park.  I don’t believe I have hiked at all in 2014 and while on tour it was a goal of mine to hike at least twice.

It’s never really busy, especially during the weekday. The trails were empty but it provided a rather easy 2 mile hike. It has some pretty steep hills so you are always changing elevation. This park provides some views of a cove and out towards the bay at an old Civil War gun emplacement. Other than that there isn’t much to see but take a couple hours to wonder off trail and take lots of pictures.

A panoramic show from the gun embankments at the top of the hill.