A Day Tasting New Wine and Beer

It was a beautiful Saturday so we headed out to the country for a little wine tasting.  We have the Virginia Wine Pass and wanted to use it at a new winery so we picked Creek’s Edge Winery in Lovettsville.  It was a nice drive out into the country north of Leesburg to this winery.  Brand new, opened last year sometime and I must say the facility is pretty impressive.


cigar and wine, life's good
cigar and wine, life’s good

The main building is styled after an old barn, silo and all.  The outside is all stone work and the inside you see the exposed wooden beam structure.  Very nice and certainly sturdy.  They have plans on opening a new pavilion late this year to be used for special events and possible an expanded tasting room.  We did a small flight of wine and grabbed a bottle before heading out to the balcony.  When we arrived there was only one other couple so we took the opportunity to get a primo spot on the deck so I could smoke a cigar.  We spent the next couple hours talking and relaxing on such a fine spring day.

Afterwards we headed to Ocelot Brewing which just opened.  We meet one of the guys helping to start this new brewery at our local Whole Foods the day of the Super Bowl.  Nancy and I where sampling beers before filling two growlers with suds.  He was great to talk to and we got the inside scoop on the new brewery.  We followed their postings on Facebook and saw that it was finally open.  We missed the soft opening the week before but made it down the following week.

beer and music
beer and music

The place was really nice inside, spacious with lots of new shinny brewing equipment.  While sampling their beers we meet one of the owners Eric who was really cool.  It was great he took the time to talk to us about his passion for beer.  Every now and then he would stop to help a customer but come right back when he finished.  We got his whole store on beer, how the whole company got started and their passion for music.  Eric loves to travel, smoke cigars, loves music but can’t play an instrument and has a passion for beer.  This is my kind of guy.  For me the most interesting thing about this new brewery is their choice of beers.  Eric mentioned they will have no core brands, they will stick to one off and adventurous stuff.  Eric was always searching for the next great beer, much like Nancy and I do.  When starting Ocelot, they took that philosophy and turned it into a business model.

ocelot brewing logoThey only had three options to start so we did the flight.  I must say I was not very impressed with the beers overall.  They where not bad, but they didn’t blow my doors off.  I in fact rated them all 2.5-2.6, literally middle of the road.  What I love about this place is the facility, their passion for beer, a constantly rotating selection and their dedication to music.  I can see this place hosting local bands and maybe a festival or two in the company months or years.

It was a great day exploring what Virginia has to offer in terms of beer and wine.  The state is really coming into its own in terms of wine and I believe in the next couple of years it will for beer as well.  There are a lot of passionate people in this state that love to make alcohol and share it with others.  We certainly will visit Creek’s Edge Winery again and will probably make Ocelot a regular hangout for us.