Great Falls November 2016

img_4766All week I had been sick and taken most of that time off from work.  I know my body pretty well and when I am not feeling good I just need to sleep and rest to recovery the quickest.  Thankfully I already took Friday, Veterans Day, off a few week prior because I worked a full Saturday.  I was thankfully for the time off and decided to head to Grate Falls for a quick hike.  Its not far from my house and had been seven years since my last visit.  I was only starting to get my energy back so a simple hike like Great Falls was certainly in order.

The park was full because of the holiday and the fee free entrance again.  I just seem to pick them or they really do have them a lot, haven’t figured out which is happening.  The last time I was here I remember coming into the park and heading down along the river so this time I headed up the river towards the small damn they have.

img_4772All along the trail I ran into people out enjoying the weather.  To be honest it was another perfect crisp fall day with only a few clouds in the air.  I managed to find a nice spot along the river to relax for a while.  i was trying to make it out as far as I could but the river was a little high from recent rain.  I also spent a lot of time right up at the falls just hanging out.  Even managed to catch a leaf in mid flight that had blown over the water.  All you could hear was the water flowing over the damn and down the river.

Not a very long hike but a great day to be outside enjoying fall.  Even though I was sick i still managed to make it out for a while to enjoy some peace and quite.