Michelin Rated Band of Bohemia

As soon as I heard the first brewery in the US got a Michelin rating I was excited to see what the experience was like.  I don’t remember who reported or how long ago it was, but this has been on my list for a while.  Chicago was a natural stopping point on my cross country journey and since I was in town Band of Bohemia was at the top of my list for must do for the 36 or so hours I was in town.

Walking into the place it has a slightly strange decor to it.  The room is lite but it is dark.  Lots of dark colors and some small lights on the tables.  Very plush with some cool stuff hanging on the wall.  I took a seat at the bar which is right in front of the operations.  This is certainly a small operation but I was looking forward to their creative take on beer and extra attention to quality.  Everything on the menu looked so amazing and honestly it was hard to pick.  Then I saw the tasting menu option and without hesitation picked that.  I have found that if a tasting menu is offered, probably a good idea to take advantage of it.

I was not disappointed with my food that night.  Everything I had was fantastic and just fit together so well.  They offered a beer tasting along with the food but I decided to skip it this evening.  When it came to the beer I wanted to try what I wanted since this was my first time here.  I ended up having three different kinds and taking a four pack of large bottles homes with me that night.  With the food and beer pairing  the beers are more saison and farmhouse style beers.  Very creative tastes and palate feel on these beers.

If you love beer and food this is a must stop when you are in Chicago.  I can’t recommend this place enough.  It is expensive but I certainly feel you get what you pay for.  Definitely not a regular place but on those special occasions you want to celebrate Band of Bohemia nails it.  Impeccable service, attention to detail, food, and beer.