Stats Across the Country

So after my recent move to the west coast I was curious about a few things.  Below are some random stats about my journey.

Number of Days12
Miles Traveled~4300 miles
Picture Taken456
Cities Visited10
New York (Phish@MSG), Newport, RI (The Roots at Newport Jazz Festival), Pittsburgh (layover), Cincinnati (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Chicago (The Field Museum, Grant Park, and Band of Bohemia), La Crosse (family), The Badlands, Bozeman (layover), Yellowstone, Bosie (layover) and finally Vancouver my final destination.
Gallons of Gas154.218 gallons
Average MPG30.06 MPG
Nights in a Hotel7
Nights Camping3
Two nights in The Badlands and one in Yellowstone.  One night was spent camping in my car.
Miles Hiked*10 miles or 20,200 steps in NJ and NY for Phish.
7.5 miles or 14,900 steps in Cleveland and late night in Chicago.
11.5 miles or 23,000 steps in Chicago.
15 miles or 30,400 steps in The Badlands.
12.25 miles or 24,700 steps Yellowstone Day 1.
10 miles or 20,300 steps Yellowstone Day 2.
66.25 miles or 133,500 steps hiking.
Concerts Attended2
Phish 8/5 @ MSG & Newport Jazz Festival 8/6 to see The Roots
Breweries Visited8
Departed Soles Brewery, Noble Beast Brewery, Empirical Brewery, Band of Bohemia, New Glarus Brewing, Ale Asylum, Side A Brewing, and Hopworks Urban Brewery
Spent on Gas$395
Spent on Hotels$1,412
Spent on Tickets$603
Spent on Food/Drink$830 total
$415 on breweries alone
Spent on Tolls$81
Spent on Public Transit$49
Total Spent$7,583
Most of this was shipping my stuff across the country and getting supplies for this adventure before I left Ashburn.

* My iPhone recorded the steps I took.  With that number I then used the following conversion to calculate miles: 500 steps = .25 miles.  I used Temple University’s conversion chart to calculate miles which is based on Shape UP America.

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  1. I did these stats for the RV trips that we took. It is fun to look at, however the RV only got 8 MPG! ;)

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