pFriem Family Brewers June 2019

I was headed to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix and because of some recent changes I wasn’t working before I left for Canada. Having already packed I decided on an adventure to Hood River to drink beer and eat some food. I did some research and decided on pFriem Family Brewers right along the river as a good place for lunch. The menu looked really creative and I was excited to try all the different beers.

The brewery is housed in a new industrial area along the Columbia River. While this might be industry it is all modern and meant to be a hip place to locate a business. There are several places like pFriem in the same complex for instance. Large open ceilings with plenty of room for the brewing equipment in the back. Not a stellar looking brewing operation but you still get to see the entire process from start to finish.

Food was fantastic hear. The brussel sprout appetizer was pretty damn tasty. The sausage was also really good. So much flavor in all the food I had. Many other things on the menu looked fantastic and worth a trip back just to try more of the food. As for the beer I only had two and they where ok. Got some lighter beer which they had a lot to choose from. Also a lot of various IPA’s on tap. Mix of Belgium styles along with some barrel aged stuff. You can certainly find something to explore here.

I would certainly come back here again. Mostly for the food but I would also take the opportunity to try some of the heaver beers and see how they rate. The place has a really good atmosphere. On nice days there is a rather large outdoor covered patio section which is nice.

Yeah its a pretty daily occurrence.

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