Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward at Jammin Java Thursday, October 17th 2019

Music! Music! Music! by Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward

Traveling for work is not always the most fun. What it does allow me is the off chance of seeing a band I really like in a completely different location than where I live. Yes it might be my old stomping ground but not all the bands I enjoy are willing to make the trip to the west coast. This past trip back home I lucked out because Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward were playing at the Jammin Java in Vienna.

I saw them almost a year ago at Mississippi Studios back home in Portland. At the time it was just billed as the Charlie Hunter Trio. This was the regular rotating cast of characters Charlie has played with for years now. During that 2018 performance they mentioned working on a new album that would be released the following year. To be honest all of this completely skipped my mind and I had clean forgot about it. This show was a jolt back to that last performance and the excitement I felt then as I waited for the album to be released.

Charlie and Lucy released that album titled Music! Music! Music! and had been on tour for a while supporting it by the time they played Jammin Java. They just got back from eastern Europe and started the east coast leg of the tour. I know that later the tour will take them west to my neck of the woods as I already plan to see them when they play at Mississippi Studios this December. Finally, before the end of the year it is 6 shows in UK before six shows back in Europe. That is a lot of travel around north America and Europe is a rather short amount of time.

I got my ticket less then 24 hours before the show. I wasn’t worried about getting a ticket but I certainly didn’t expect a good seat. I lucked out when it came to my seat. I got a prime spot right in the middle at one of the first tables. Someone at my table bought 3 tickets so I took the last spot available at that table. What a close seat. With the stage not very hit off the ground and it such a small venue, the band was really close.

The setlist was what I expected and followed the same playful song selection when I saw them a year ago. Mix of old, classic, funk, pop, etc… All done in that typical guitar style Charlie is known for. It was kinda funny that evening. This was after they got back from several eastern European gigs. You could tell they had been cramped in a small bus traveling together for to long. The music was spot on, it was the banter between songs that was just as memorable.

During the set break they had copies of the new album on vinyl. I didn’t have any cash but thankfully there was an ATM next door. I stood in line and got the album signed by both Lucy and Charlie. The whole time I was waiting I thought of what I would say. In the end I was such a fan girl words were hard to speak. I thanked him and said I have been enjoying his music for over 15 years which really surprised him. I was just happy to shake his hand and meet him in person after all these years. Really cool.

What a night. It started with a train ride to Tysons Corner for dinner at Founding Farmers before an after dinner walk to the Jammin Java from the metro station. A kick ass show where I got to shake Charlie’s hand and enjoy two sets of really great music from the trio. Getting home I missed the last train which really pissed me off because I made it in time according to the posted schedule. Nothing a Lyft ride back to Roslyn couldn’t fix.

Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward w/ Doug Belote on drums
Thursday, October 17th 2019
Jammin Java – Vienna, VA

Set one starts at 8:09pm

  1. .
  2. .
  3. Kiss and Tell
  4. .
  5. Never Gonna Get It
  6. You Might Think
  7. Be My Husband
    Set over at 856pm

Set two starts at 9:23pm

  1. You’re the One That I Want
  2. ? By Betsy smith in 1846?
  3. Spoonful
  4. .
  5. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
  6. .
    Set over at 10:06pm

Encore starts at 10:07pm

  1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    House lights at 10:13pm