Burlington Loop November 2020

Fall is here and winter is coming. It was a decent weekend with cold temperature and lots of fog on this hike. It was creepy as hell walking into the forest. It felt like the deeper we got the forest the creepier it got. It was a scene from a classic slasher movie that we happen to be living through. We kept telling ourselves it was totally fine walking into the woods in the dense fog like this.

Looked like this loop is a fire road. Nice walk through the forest that is rather close to the city.

Burlington Loop is a close hike. It is just north of Forest Park near Sauvie Island so really easy to get to. Not sure who owns the land but I think it might be the power company or something. There is no sign when you turn off 30 to get to the trail head.

We arrived late afternoon to start the hike and we had time working against us. With winter fast approaching the sun sets early. With all the fog it made it even more difficult to see at night. We started up the gravel road and eventually the trail breaks from the roads and heads further up the hillside. The road is well maintained and the narrow trail off the fire road has no gravel and is narrow. Still an easy hike in and out.

We didn’t make it far up this part of the trail before we had to turn back. The fog was really creeping in and it was getting dark fast. If I thought to bring my headlamp we wouldn’t have to leave so early. Still a nice walk in nature. Not often I get to see the fog like this in the forest. It was thick, cold, and damp.