Hidden Lake Trail #779 June 2021

So this trail I did the month prior in the snow and made it all the way to hidden lake. The review I read that day were accurate, snow covered the trail at higher elevation and make it impossible to get very far. With a lot of determination I stumbled my way to the lake. With it later in the season I was hoping the snow would be clear and I could get further. I wanted to see the lake again and make it to the top of the trail which intersected the Pacific Crest Trail.


This time around there was no work crew at the parking lot doing…..stuff. But I did see the results of their hard work when I arrived. There were several make shift dwellings setup along the creeks edge. Not sure what they will be used for but that was not my concern. I was here to hike. Lot was empty yet again even with it being a nice weekend to be outside. It was also technically the last day of spring as on the 20th the summer solstice would happen.

Hike up was pretty uneventful. I remember passing many of the same areas my first time. One difference this time was the smell of spring. With more of the forest in bloom the air smelled sweet. At higher elevations the snow was all but gone. Small patches under cover that never saw the light of day was all that remained. Trips me out that snow lasts this long on the mountain but it shouldn’t.

With the trail being visible this time it present me with a problem. When I got around the lake there was no clear way to get from the trail to the edge of the lake. With the snow cover earlier I just walked across the waters edge till I got to the other side. This time around I presented with the soupy marsh surrounding the lake. I quickly scanned my options and I was not making it to the other side like last time without a whole lot more effort than I was not willing to put in. Didn’t matter, I was headed further up the trail to see what new and exciting things I could spot.

I continued up the trail but didn’t get much further. Now that I was near the lake and it was “summer” the mosquitos found and attacked me. It was something fierce let me tell you. I beating them back with everything I have but it doesn’t matter. They are to numerous and annoying. I love nature but this is something I don’t have to tolerate so only after a few hundred feet more elevation I turned back around for the parking lot.

The weather was certainly perfect. If it wasn’t for the mosquitos nature would have been really cool that day. I figured it was going to be more difficult getting to the lake but I had no idea how much more after the snow melt. Six months into the year and the trail was finally passably by foot at higher elevation. Maybe my third time is the one where I will finally make it to the Pacific Crest Trail from Hidden Lake.