Meute The Showbox Wednesday, April 6th 2022


I don’t remember how I was turned onto Meute but I have heard them before. There is a good groove to their music. They are like a professional high school marching band. All extremely talented musicians that play the same instruments as a high school marching band would play during the halftime on Friday night. I stumbled across their show at Wonder Ballroom but I had a scheduling conflict so I went to the show at The Showbox in Seattle the day before instead.

Seattle isn’t far from Portland so I decided to leave the driving to Amtrak and take the train. It would save me money on parking and gas plus its better for the environment. It has been a few years since I last took the train to Seattle. That trip I saw The New Mastersounds and then spent a full day in Seattle as a part of a multi-city concert tour. The train ride up was peaceful. Some parts are through towns, other times you follow the highway. When things are just right we are in the forest surrounded by nature as we leisurely make our way to King Street Station in downtown Seattle.

I was staying at the W Seattle which is right between the train station and the concert hall. I was lucky enough to get a free room upgrade which put me on the 25th floor which has an impressive view. After checking in I was off to dinner at Elephant & Castle for some British fair. I wasn’t that impressed with the fish and chips but the conversation was amazing. The woman next to me at the bar was also from Portland. She was in Seattle as a traveling nurse. We swapped war stories. She is going to the F1 race in Azerbaijan which is really cool. Just a great time talking to her.


With time to kill before the opening act Julie Herrera I headed to the water front to watch the sunset. Typical Pacific Northwest it was cloudy but you got the idea. The sun was setting and night was coming. I spent a lot of time sitting along the pier watching the boat traffic and the people walking by. It was great having the venue so close to the water front and my hotel. After a short walk to The Showbox I was in line to get through security.

The Showbox is from a time long past. You enter on street level and walk up a long incline to the main floor. Once in the heart of the venue there is a rather large dance floor. Not very open because of the support structures needed to hold the roof up. Considering it is almost 100 years old they did what they could to open the place up. On either side is a riser filled with tables and at the very back each section has its own bar. Surprisingly the ceiling seems rather low but it does have a mirror ball. The place is much larger than I thought it would be.

Julie Herrera was the opening act and she was doing a DJ set. Some good EDM but nothing crazy or excessive. She had a lot of fans in the crowd that night and certainly got everyone excited before Meute came out. I arrived in time to get a spot on the floor near the stage. The venue wasn’t packed this early but by showtime things got crowded and it was starting to get hot. I couldn’t make the entire show that closed to the stage so eventually I moved to the back of the floor to cool off. It was also a better spot for the light show.


As I continued to enjoy the show I started to notice the crowd. This was a band from Europe that plays a bunch of brass instruments yet this place was packed. Not a sold out show but certainly close. The age range was what threw me off. People in their 20’s all the way up to people with walkers. The number of seniors was interesting to see. The risers are each side were filled with this older crowd while the party goers on the dance floor tended to be on the younger side.

I didn’t recognize but maybe one of the songs so for me it was a totally new experience and show which was awesome. I was very impressed with how they played and interacted with each other. They seemed to really enjoy themselves on stage which the crowd fed off. Band feels good, crowd feels good, band sees crowd feeling good so they feel better, crowd sees the band react positively so feeling better, etc….

Show was only an hour and a half before they walked off stage. It wasn’t long before they where back for the encore which by itself was over 20 minutes. By the end of the show the place had thinned out pretty well, especially starting at 11pm. I figured because of public transit closing down but I don’t know for sure. At the end it was still a good sized crowd who relished in what we had just witnessed.

As people streamed for the exit passed me down the incline to the front of the venue everyone had a smile on their face. Those that had came from the floor glistened in the light from dancing so much. It was a cool night and a welcome breath of fresh air when I stepped outside. A crowd was milling right outside the entrance that I had to navigate through but at least I was outside. It was a short walk back to the hotel which allowed me to reflect on the show, cool off and stretch my legs for a bit.

The Showbox

The next morning I took my time getting up and getting out. My train back to Portland didn’t board till mid-afternoon so I had a bunch of time to kill in Seattle so I took advantage of that. I read The Post for a bit before heading to Voxx Coffee to hang out. I love getting a cappuccino and writing on trips like this so that is what I did. Caught up with some people and replied to my niece who asked about what type of songs I like. Having just seen a concert it was the perfect time to answer that letter.

After that I headed to the International District. It was near the train station and had a bunch of cool shit. First stop was Pink Gorilla Games which is a retro game shop. It is small but absolutely packed with old games. They had some real collector shit there which I don’t think I have seen before. I mean $250 for Mario Brothers and $300 for Final Fantasy are kinda crazy to me but not others.

Then I found International Model Toys which is a shop for Gundam which I have never seen here in the US before. I walk in and there is an older gentleman behind the counter putting together a model of some sort. The place was filled with dozens of dioramas that I assume he create. Mostly of Gundam but a few others thrown in. The selection of models for sale was limited which was disappointing but the place was small. Decent selection of accessories, tools and tons of paint. I really wanted to buy a model but nothing was interesting to me. I could have used a new pair of really nice nippers but thought twice about it.

Next door was this amazing bakery, Fuji Bakery, and I just had to stop. I was drooling looking at all they had to offered and limited myself to only four pastries. Then right next door is Hing Hay Park so I went there and ate the savory pastry and one of the sweet pastries for a snack. I wish I had more time to sit down and eat lunch in the International District. The number of restaurant offerings was extensive. Every variety of Asian cousin you could think of. Often two choices for some styles. Instead I needed to catch my train.

Two sweet pastries from Fuji Bakery. Blueberry/lemon and a pear croissant.

Train ride back was great. This time I got a window seat looking out the left side of the train. It was fun watching the cities and towns as we passed through them. On rare occasions I got some really good views of Mt. Rainier. Just a beautiful day to be outside traveling. No rain, blue skies, mostly sunny with good temps. God I love spring in the Pacific Northwest.

Once we pulled into Union Station it was a quick walk home before I was off again. I was meeting the family at McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove for the next few days to hang with them. We had a bunch of family from the east coast vising so it was great setting them and catching up. My mini side vacation inside the larger vacation was over as quickly as it began.

While I couldn’t see Meute at the Wonder Ballroom I was glad it worked out that I could catch them. A great trip to Seattle filled with lots of fun and relaxing which I needed. Taking Amtrak is quick and convenient too. The train station, hotel and venue in Seattle where all right next to each other which worked out. In such a big city it was easy to find good restaurants and things to do when I wasn’t at the show or sleeping. I need to find more weekend concerts in Seattle as an excuse to take the train and get out of town for a while.

Meute Wednesday, April 6th 2022
Julie Herrera opened with a DJ set

The Showbox
1426 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Set starts at 9:30pm

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. etc…
    Set over at 11:01pm

Encore starts at 11:03pm

  1. ? (unknown number)
    House lights at 11:24pm

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