A Perfect Day at the Portland Art Museum

As a part of my membership to the Portland Art Museum I get free admission for two guests each year. My first pair is expiring soon so I reached out to some friends to see if anyone was interested in going. A friend replied back so we planned to go while she was off for a week from work in early June. Unfortunately the Frida Kahlo exhibit was closed but that didn’t matter. There is lots to explore in the museum’s permanent collection.

We planned to get some coffee in the morning, explore the museum and then lunch afterwards. It was going to be a beautiful day so I walked to downtown for Petunia’s Pies and Pastries to meet my friend. I have been there before and gotten their deserts in some of the local groceries stores. They are a vegan place and their stuff is really good. Not so convinced on non-dairy creamers in my cappuccinos but I’m trying to come around to the idea. We grabbed our coffee, pastries and headed to the park right outside the museum to catch up. What a gorgeous morning to be outside. Just amazing.

After a long talk we headed into the museum and started walking around. They still had the murals up from the Frida Kahlo event and read they will be around for a while longer which is nice. We explored the European college upstairs and then some of the Asian collection on the first floor. They had a small exhibit to the side which features modern Asian works and the two larger ancient collections on the wings. Neither of us are modern art fans so we skipped that building entirely. I have been through part of it once and will again someday. Today wasn’t that day.

After getting our cultural fix we walked across the street to the Behind the Museum Cafe. This is a really amazing Japanese cafe with tea and a wide variety of food items. I ordered a tea, mini baguette and an unigiri which I had never heard about. My friend was super excited they had these so I tried one as well. She had them while in Japan so it was a fond memory for her. It was good. I’m not a fan of seaweed but it was still very good with the ume pickles on it.

HMCS Brandon (MM 710)

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The sun was out, temps were good so I hung out in the park before heading home. Walking home I ran into an amazing person. The Arlene Schnitzer was doing a load in for a concert that night and this guy was directing traffic. The smile on his face when I said hello was nice to see. We chatted for a few minutes. He was just happy to be alive and outside enjoying such a nice day. I couldn’t agree more.

Weird didn’t stop there. Crossing the Burnside Bridge I noticed an invasion by the Canadians. The Rose Festival was starting on Friday and ships always come for Fleet Week to dock along the waterfront as part of the festivities. Just so happened that I caught two of the Canadian ships coming to port. Later in the weekend I was walking along the waterfront and noticed the American’s ships that docked. Much bigger and way more modern than their Canadian counterparts.

If I had to make a perfect day in Portland this is exactly how I would spend it. The weather was good and everyone I ran into was in a good mood. I spent it with a friend doing cultural things and finding beauty in this world. Getting coffee, lunch and just hanging out is how I would like to spend the rest of my days if I could. This kind of day doesn’t happen often but when it does I am very appreciative. It reminds me there is still beauty in this world.

USCGC Ironwood (WLB-297)