Goose Pioneer Courthouse Square Thursday, August 25th 2022

I first heard of Goose during the pandemic. They played along with many other artists for the Live from Out There streaming event which was great. For weeks in a row bands would play live shows from their home or an event space with no audience. When not able to leave the house it was great to have. Goose has been to the PNW since then but this tour I decided to get a ticket. I really like the way they can jam stuff out.

Another nice thing is Pioneer Courthouse Square is only a few blocks from my office. I could leave work and get there with plenty of time. There is a terrace of brick you can sit on and I knew if I arrived early I could get a spot. Doors opened at 5pm with music starting at 6pm. This being my first Goose show I didn’t know what to expect when it came to lights out. It wasn’t till almost 7pm before they walked out. I had lots of time to solve the worlds problems but at least I had a place to sit down.

Summer has been pretty bad here with days in a row of high heat and poor air quality. Tonight it was going to be low 90’s but it certainly didn’t feel like that in the square. The terrace was in the shade all night which was amazing.

Since I had been sitting for so long I jumped up when they started playing so I could stretch my legs. The sun was still out so a typical summer first set. The lights didn’t play much of a role in the performance. That first set the band waded through a range of songs and styles. One theme throughout the night was these really slow sections. Goose is pretty good at the free form jam when they want to. It can sometimes just take a while for them to get there. Mixed within these slow sections the guys would rip open a song and really get things jamming.

The crowd was mostly pretty chill. Along the terrace were old people like myself and some families. The band is young but us old folks are always looking for new music to enjoy. Down on the open floor were lots of young people. This was also where the lines for alcohol, merchandise, and the rest rooms were.

With this being a downtown city venue I figured there was a strict curfew in place. It was pretty easy to guess how long the set break and set two were going to be. Just short of a half hour the band comes back out for set two. The sun had set, a breeze was blowing and things slowly starting to cool off.

Set 1

Second set opens with Wysteria Lane and I get my first look at the actually light show. I would look around at the surrounding buildings and you could see the lights dancing across their facade’s. They also continued with their pattern of really slow songs mixed with more upbeat and jammy ones. I often found myself distracted and not paying attention. For some reason that night I was obsessed with guessing everyone’s age that walked past. I caught myself several times doing that.

As 10pm approached it was easy to tell the set would be over shortly. Part of me was ready for it to be over so I could start making my way home. They came out for one more song and dedicated it to a guy in the crowd that had a sign all night. The sign asked them to “play the piña colada song” and all night I had no idea what the reference was. I mean I know the song bug I guess Goose is good at covering it or maybe rarely does. Whatever the reason they played Escape (The Piña Colada Song) as the encore. A pretty good version I must say. Right on queue houselights came on at 10pm and I walked a few blocks to the bus stop. I was home before 11pm which I thought was totally reasonable.

It was a good first experience seeing Goose live. I now know the actual start of the show vs. posted times are vastly different. They also play plenty of slow songs which I’m generally not into. Maybe they would be a good festival band for me. Now that Thursday is the new Friday this was a great way to kick off the weekend. The jams really were stellar, it just took a lot to get there. Being close to work, and on my bus route was super convenient too. I love living so close to so many music venues. Goose was headed to Townsend, WA the next day for Thing festival and I too will continue my late summer concert tour with shows by Ziggy Marley and Billy Cobham. Then two nights of Trey just after the summer equinox.

Thursday, August 25th 2022

Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Set 1 starts at 6:48pm
1. Indian River
2. Elizabeth
3. Turbulence & The Night Rays
4. Butterflies
5. The Old Man’s Boat
6. Time to Flee
7. Tumble
Set over at 8:09pm

Set 2 starts at 8:34pm
1. Wysteria Lane
2. Please Forgive Me
3. Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 1
4. Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 2
5. The Empress of Organos
6. 726
House lights at 9:48pm

Encore starts at 9:50pm
4. Escape (The Piña Colada Song)
Houselights at 9:59pm

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