Waterfront Blues Festival 2022

The Waterfront Blues Festival was back to Tom McCall Waterfront Park for 2022 over the July 4th weekend. This year worked out to be Friday to Monday which was awesome. Didn’t do the entire weekend only Saturday with the headliner The Wood Brothers. A perfect weather weekend with some great acts on Saturday. Just a wonderful day to be outside enjoying some music.

Grouse Vista Trail June 2022

Was babysitting the fur babies in Vancouver and one of those days I decided to do a hike. Tracy had told me about Silver Star Trail and the Grouse Vista Trail which is easier to get to via car. This trail head is definitely deep in the woods. The hike itself is pretty damn good especially on the way down when the fog lifted. Crazy to see snow on the last day of spring.

The Toasters Dante’s Friday, June 17th 2022

Almost 25 years since I last saw The Toasters. Way back in 1998 at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC for $10. Saw Thursday they where playing in Portland and with no plans Friday night I was in. They didn’t disappoint. They are older, we all are, but it was still a great show. New stuff and many old songs I remember from the first time I saw them. The opening acts where both really good too. Never been to Dante’s before this. It is a dive bar but it has tons of character instead of being polished and refined.

Opacity of Performance

Thursday was the first day of this special exhibit. It occupies one of the main rooms upstairs in the European section. I noticed the curtains the last time I was visiting. Its a 5 hour dance performance that rotates between 9 performers. It was really cool to watch. I was able to see the full rotation while I was there.

A Perfect Day at the Portland Art Museum

How to spend a perfect day in Portland? Have the day I had. Met a friend for coffee at the park across from the Portland Art Museum before we strolled through to admire all the beauty. After we had lunch at the Japanese cafe behind the museum. Then walking home ran into one of the most uplifting people I have run into in a long time all way the Canadians where trying to invade downtown. Just a perfect day.