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Parks I have visited and some information I have about them. Click the image to search my site for all articles about the park. I have tried to include trail maps, official links, and Google Map locations for every place.Work in progress. More information is added all the time.
Muir Woods National Monument - San Francisco, CaliforniaMuir Woods National Monument - San Francisco, California (info, map, map 2)
Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge - DelawarePrime Hook National Wildlife Refuge - Delaware (info, map, brochure)
Silver Lake Waterfowl Refuge - Rehoboth Beach, DelawareSilver Lake Waterfowl Refuge - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Diamond Head State Monument - Honolulu, HawaiiDiamond Head State Monument - Honolulu, Hawaii (info, pdf)
Maunawili Falls - Oahu, HawaiiMaunawili Falls - Oahu, Hawaii (info, pdf)
Nuuanu Pali State Park - Oahu, HawaiiNuuanu Pali State Park - Oahu, Hawaii (info)
Ulupo Heiau Historic Site - Oahu, HawaiiUlupo Heiau Historic Site - Oahu, Hawaii (info, pdf)
Cat Mountain - Lake George, NY (Adirondacks)Cat Mountain - Lake George, NY (Adirondacks) (info)
Never made it to the park. I intended to hike here between my travels from Charlotte to Raleigh while on Phish tour summer 2011, but I got lost and couldn't find the trail I wanted to hike.Uwharrie National Forest - North Carolina (info, map)

Birkhead Mountains Wilderness Trail

Uwharrie Trail
Parque nacional Altos de Campana - PanamaParque nacional Altos de Campana - Panama (info)
Soberania National Park - PanamaSoberania National Park - Panama (info)
Never visited the park, but I was going to stay here last year for the Phish show in Burgettstown, PA but sold out when I tried to reserve a spot.Raccoon Creek State Park - Pennsylvania (info, park map, camp map)
Beavertail State Park - Rhode IslandBeavertail State Park - Rhode Island (info)
Congaree National ParkCongaree National Park - South Carolina (info, trail map, map)
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - TennesseeGreat Smoky Mountains National Park - Tennessee (info, pdf)
Back Bay Wildlife Refuge - VirginiaBack Bay Wildlife Refuge - Virginia (info, map, brochure)
False Cape State Park - Virginia
False Cape State Park - Virginia (info, pdf)
George Washington National Forest - VirginiaGeorge Washington National Forest - Virginia (info)
Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge - VirginiaGreat Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge - Virginia (info, map)
Great Falls National Park - Great Falls, VirginiaGreat Falls National Park - Great Falls, Virginia (info, map)
Leesylvania State Park - VirginiaLeesylvania State Park - Woodbridge, Virginia (info, map)
Coming soon!Manassas National Battlefield - Virginia

(historical view, trail map, driving tour
Mason Neck State Park and Wildlife RefugeMason Neck State Park (map)

Mason Neck Wildlife Refuge (brochurer)
Old Rag Mountain - Shenandoah National Park, VirginiaOld Rag Mountain - Shenandoah National Park, Virginia (map)
Pohick Bay Regional Park - Virginia
Pohick Bay Regional Park - Virginia (pdf)
Prince William Forest - VirginiaPrince William Forest - Virginia (info, map)
Shenandoah National Park Swift Run Gap - Virginia

Shenandoah National Park Thornton Gap - Virginia
Shenandoah National Park - Virginia (info)

Whiteoak Canyon

Old Rag

Riprap Trail

Loft Mountain

Mathews Arm
Christoffel Park
Blue Ridge Parkway

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  1. whats with this BS of not being able to comment. i have to comment on this post?

    working on the site [the one your form asks for], maybe u can lend some time and experence. maybe we could discuss it over a trip to richmond? want to explore the area.

    up late, decided to anotate your bucket list.
    swim the Amazon River
    -what part and how seriously? Tributary or the main body?

    climb the Great Pyramid of Giza
    -your not allowed to do that. UPDATE: political change, move along with this idea

    walk along the Great Wall of China
    -China; dirty

    eat sushi in Tokyo
    -Fukushima. Move along with this idea too. See: Korea! All that stuff we love about japan, soule is insane

    scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
    -24 hour plane trip, I could envision better ways to spend $2k+ and 48 hours of life

    bungee jump
    – you want to and haven’t. You are a pore example of gen x [sarc]

    drink Guinness in Ireland
    -dublin is fine with me

    eat fish and chips in London

    see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
    -we can culture you in rodin while there

    watch the sun rise and set in Hawaii, in the same day
    -you’ve been to hawaii? Kailua for breakfast then of to Waikiki for lunch and surfing [see below]

    have a drink at Sloppy Joe’s in the Key West
    -not familiar with the joe’s. why not be ambitious, get an exemption and have a drink in cuba, its what key wast wants to be.

    smoke a Cuban cigar on a  beach in Cuba
    -your already there fulfilling the key west idea

    surf Waikiki Beach
    – you just ate lunch here, then surfed, why not stay for drinks and the sunset?

    sky dive……again (did this one several years ago with my mom, love you mom)
    -you live an hour away from orange? ? ? ? ? ? this one should be done already. Are you even trying to complete this list? I sense you need some motivation

    go on safari in Africa
    -what is that exactly? As in, what are the expectations?

    visit the volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii
    – really! You have been there twice and have not accomplished anything on this list [see sky diving]

    watch a Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo
    -are you a millionaire when you do this one? If so, im in

    drive the German Autobahn
    – the US had one for a few years but you never took advantage of nor expressed interest in it. so I question the validity of this one. Perhaps there are underling reasons for visiting the region beyond fast car rentals and smooth roads

    visit the Vincent van Gogh museum in Amsterdam

    go to Munich German for Oktoberfest
    -yes [see autobahn]

    eat deep dish pizza in Chicago
    -get mugged, pay to much for a dirty city that owes its entire existence to cattle not pizza. Chicago? the new detroit. The looser brother of nyc

    eat at Yoshi’s in Oakland

    see the Aurora Borealis (either pole is fine, but I would like to travel to Antarctica if given a choice)
    -alaska? cheap, easy. Why have you not already? or. You can see argentina or chile while fulfilling this one. Go from Machu Picchu to Pumapunku to something in the east of the continent I think its in argintina, down to the southern tip. Sailing off to antarctica

    hike to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru
    -fucking “A”. something Christianity has not destroyed. can you handle it?

    see Medeski, Martin and Wood play in another country
    -{time machine} lake trout ”sounds from below” in tokyo

    watch a professional UEFA or other European soccer match live
    -TV, watch while at work

    talk to u soon, come see your nefew and bring his aunt! or we will invade your house, either way.

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