Depoe Bay for Mother’s Day

In a way this is another covid story. By the beginning of the year vaccinations really started to roll out. Pat was able to get one early because of her age and as the supply increased the requirements got lowered to cover more and more people. Knowing the vaccine was around the corner gave us all hope. This was great news as Pat was now comfortable traveling to see family. With that in mind Pat booked a trip over Mother’s Day to the west coast to see everyone. It had been a while since she saw her daughter and grand kids and she couldn’t wait to see everyone.

Depoe Bay
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My Morning Jacket Edgefield Tuesday, September 28th 2021

This year has been a cluster fuck for concerts. Near the beginning of the year things started to look promising for large gatherings again. With everyone hopeful bands like My Morning Jacket started to announce ambitious summer and fall tours. Just the fact of them making the announcement to announce a tour got me excited. When the schedule was finally announced they played several shows in Washington and one local to me at Edgefield. The day tickets when on sale I got mine. I was so happy just to buy a concert ticket again. Take my money!

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Wilson River Trail September 2021

Technically fall arrived this year on September 22nd and the weather that weekend was perfect for a hike. Last year I found this amazing spot near the top of Wilson River Trail that has this breathtaking view across the valley towards the coast line. As I unfortunately found out the second time I tried to hike this trail it is only open during the summer months. Come winter they tear down the foot bridge across the river. That sucks.

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Phish Gorge Amphitheatre Sunday, August 29th 2021

I had a trip planned with friends and family to camp in the Scablands of central Washington before Phish announced their summer tour. When I found out they would be playing the Gorge Amphitheatre I was sad I wouldn’t be able to make it but it wasn’t the first time I missed seeing them from here and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last. As the camping trip got closer it became more important for me to see this show. Fuck the extra day off work, fuck the $250 for a single night of camping….none of that matter. I wanted….no I needed to see Phish.

This view…….holy shit. Big reason I love this venue.
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Scablands with a Side of Phish

I like to camp with the family and couple friends we know as often as I can. Recently Amanda put together a trip to the Scablands and invited us all along. The trip being scheduled at the end of August so the weather was a crap shoot but it ended up being a perfect weekend. That perfect weather was put to good use with all the activities in the area. The cherry on top for me with seeing Phish at the Gorge Amphitheatre to close out a three night run.

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