The Roots at Newport Jazz Festival

Just finished seeing the second day of Newport Jazz Festival. Really excited that The Roots closed the festival out. Great funky performance from them. Really good to hear a full set that actual went over their time slot. I felt the Austin show was just a teaser for this performance.

After a long day in the sun it’s nice to really sit back and relax with a sun set over the water. Eventually I have to get outta here but for right now let me just enjoy the sun set.

Phish Madison Square Garden Saturday, August 5th 2017

Unfortunately I waited to long to get my tickets for Friday and Saturday night. This meant I had to go with after market for my tickets and ended up only getting one for Saturday. This allowed me another day of recovered which was badly needed.

MSG isn’t that far from the house so within a few hours I was in downtown Manhattan walking around the city. Visited Washington Square Park before walking in just in time for the show.

Got a seat right behind the stage and way at the top.  It’s not that bad of a spot honestly and as big as the venue is the lights have a bigger canvas to draw on.

First set ridiculous with the set open of Shakedown Street. I remember that one last time in 2003 at Uniondale, NY which was an awesome show from back in the day. So far this one is not disappointing with the medley of classic rock just blowing the doors off the place. This is now know as the Sunshine of your Feeling for the Boston and Cream song references. Really amazing stuff and worth a listen just on its own. Lots of playful songs in the set. Second set should be even better.

Second started off strong with three songs that don’t reqlly have anything in common. This set they each had a killer jam sandwiched in between each song. After Light the set really went down hill for me. None of the other songs I particularly like and I thought the jams just didn’t make the cut. This show is great on the strength of the first set alone and from the jams in the first three of set two.

A great time and a worthy performance from the band. Finally glad I made an MSG show. It’s been on my lit of venues forever.

Set 1: 8:10pm start
1. Soul Shakedown Party
2. Uncle Pen
3. The Sloth
4. Gotta Jibboo
5. Fuck Your Face
6. Sunshine of Your Feeling[1]
7. Frost
8. Scent of a Mule
9. Fire
10. Alaska
11. Plasma
9:29pm end

Set 2: 10:04pm start
1. Ghost
2. Petrichor
3. Light >
4. The Lizards
5. The Horse >
6. Silent in the Morning >
7. Quinn the Eskimo >
8. Rocky Top
11:20pm end

encore: 11:23pm start
9. Joy
house lights at 11:29pm

[1] Debut.

And so begins…

…my long journey west to a new town and a new home. These last few weeks have been pretty hectic prepping and saying goodbye to everyone. It’s been bittersweet.

For the next 12 days I will drive across this great country making an adventure out of my cross country move. This is really just a kick ass vacation culminating in a total eclipse of the sun at the end of this adventure.

Stops include Phish at Madison Square Garden, Newport Jazz Festival, Chicago, La Crosse, Badlands National Park, and Yellowstone to name but a few of my stops. This is going to be fun. 

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Actually got to the beach twice over the weekend. The weather was perfect: cool, cloudy and not humid.

For years it has been a tradition to visit Rehoboth Beach during Memorial Day weekend.  Everyone has Monday off and if you leave Friday after work you get a decent amount of time at the beach.  The weather is generally good with things not yet hot but the water is to cold to splash in.  Even with my early dismissal Nancy and I didn’t get to the beach house till almost 8pm that night.  No matter how long it takes I like arriving on Friday and waking up there on Saturday morning.

Saturday started as a typical lazy day.  Coffee and the Post on the patio with the family enjoying the weather before things get hot.  Just after breakfast Matt arrived and before long we where headed down to the beach for some sun.  Everyone else was happy to sunbath but I was quite content sitting under the umbrella.  Unfortunately for everyone else there was a lot of cloud cover.  Honestly it help keep the temperatures down which was nice.  Never once did we get in the water but it was nice just hanging out and relaxing at the beach.

A small bar at Revelation which was packed.

After the beach we cleaned up and got down to some serious business….beer.  Off to Revelation Craft Brewing to see how things have been progressing.  The last time we visited they had just opened.  This time they certainly got their shit squared away.  They had a legit outdoor seating area for one.  Even a staged area for a food truck which was really nice since they don’t serve food.  As for the beer just as good and creative as the first time we visited.  This time with a much larger crowd of happy beer drinkers.

That afternoon while sitting on the deck waiting for dinner we did something truly remarkable.  We cut my hair.  Anyone that knows me over the last few years I have been growing my hair out.  By the time we cut it this weekend it was longer then Nancy’s, a good 12” if not longer.  So while smoking cigars and drinking some local beer we got the idea to cut my hair.  I have needed a hair cut for so long so I was in.  Everyone was shocked as Nancy put my hair into a pony tail and chopped it off.  With that finally taken care of I completed my cigar and we had a great dinner that night.

Dogfish Head Carobock

The next day we headed back to the beach for some more relaxing.  Again the clouds provided cover with good temps which I was happy about.  As an added bonus I found the Indy 500 audio stream so listen to.  This was Fernando Alonso’s first time in Indy and it was a spectacular show.  Earlier in the morning Formula 1 raced at Monaco which Jenson Button filling in for the absent Alanso.  Unfortunately Alanso’s Honda engine had troubles again and he DNF.  Still a great race and how Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be spent.  On the beach listening to the Indy 500.

Off again for more beer after the beach.  This time we hit the new Dogfish Head Craft Brewing & Eats.  This new facility has been a long time coming and their official opening was this weekend.  While the building is larger it doesn’t appear to hold any more people then the old spot which is disappointing.  It took probably 20 minutes to get a table and the bar was constantly smashed.  One new feature of this place is the addition of the a stage.  The setup is a classic theater setup with a big dance floor, the bar at the back and what could be a VIP second floor.  The food menu has also been updated with many additions including some great pizza’s.  The food is worth checking out to help wash all the beer down.

Coming home wasn’t nearly as bad as going which was a nice win.  Trips to the beach are never long enough but I was happy to get out to official start summer.  Might have less opportunity to visit in the near future so this trip was bittersweet.  I was just glad I was able to get in some quality beach time and see the new Dogfish finally open its doors to the public.

Nats vs Reds June 24th 2017

It was a weekend I had no official plans and was completely within my rights to do nothing or everything.  While reading the Post on the deck with some coffee I saw an advert for the upcoming home stretch of the Nets.  I quickly checked with my peeps and unfortunately everyone was busy but that didn’t stop my.  I got my ass in gear and headed to DC for an afternoon of baseball.

With Safe Track finally over my trip into the city on Metro was still a nightmare.  With the new schedule trains just run fewer and far between.  This meant the last stretch on the green line was nuts to butts as hundreds of baseball fans making our way to the stadium for the game.  The weather was going to be rather nice with low humidity and temps in the mid-80’s.  My ticket was in left field so I was in the sun for the entire game.  The warmth felt good but I never got to the point of sweeting my balls off which made me happy.

Not much I can write about this game.  I arrived just in time to get my seat and watch the teams take the field for the first inning.  Very quickly the Nats where up to bat in the first and started putting points on the board.  By the 3rd inning it was already 8 to nothing or something crazy.  In the fifth inning with the Nats WAAAAY ahead and the likelihood of the Reds coming back waning, I started losing interest in the game.  By the seventh I was actively looking to leave the stadium and get a head start on the green line.

In no time I was headed west towards home.  It was a great day at the ballpark, finally glad I got out to see a Nats game this season.  While the ticket was expensive I don’t feel it was a waste of money.  I just wish the Reds could have put up a small fight and make a game out of it.  Next I will have to see about a game during the week.  I think leaving work a little early for a later afternoon game is in order.