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A Drive in the Country

It all started with wanting to take a drive in the country. The last time I came back from Astoria I stumbled across Nehalem Hwy which was an amazing drive. The weekend weather was looking pretty cool so I decided to head out of the city for a little bit of a drive and some beer in Astoria.

All the brewing happens in the basement. It is a challenge to bring the ingredients in.

This time around I wanted to plan the driving route a little better then stumbling across it. There was a detour which added to the fun. I got off the highway 26 and turned onto Timber Rd. From here I followed the detour back to 47 and then Nehalem Hwy all the way to Astoria.

For the most part I was able to attack the road and actually get a good drive in. The road was mostly clear and even when someone was in front of me they where driving pretty fast. About 10 to 15 miles outside of Astoria I did run into a foot race of some sorts which really killed the drive. Lots of traffic and and a slow drive.

It took several hours to get to Astoria but totally worth the trip. I decided to get some food and beer at Astoria Brewing Co. There are several breweries in Astoria so I going to drink around as much as possible. I didn’t know they had a tap room and brewpub when I was planning this out. I stumbled into the tap house by mistake. It ended up for the best to be honest. I wanted some food but they only served beer. This is where the actually brew the beer so it makes sense. An old industrial building it has a lower floor where the beer is brewed.

A nice long bar wraps part of the railing so you can watch them make beer while enjoying a pint.

After getting some writing done and being full of beer it was time for dinner. I completely missed lunch but wasn’t leaving Astoria without first getting something to eat. My phone was quickly dying so I just walked around till I found something that looked interesting. At first I walked passed Carruthers but something told me to go back and I am glad I did. I got the crispy duck and it was damn tasty. That and the chicken posole soup to start made for quite the tasty meal.

By the time I started driving home, 202 was clear of all the runners but the rain started to move in. For the most part it was just drizzle so I was able to drive the road as intended and not worry about running off but as the night wore on safety concerns toke over. A good day out in Astoria and it certainly is true that half the fun is the journey there.

They Filmed The Goonies Here You Know

So growing up I have known of this little town Astoria on the tip of Oregon for a while. My best friend spent a few years there growing up. His dad was in the Coast Guard and was station there. Plus being a fan of The Goonies I knew this was a primary location for film shooting. Wanting to visit the Goonies house was the reason to go but there was so much to do there.

I treated this day trip like I do any other trip I take. My primary focus is on on hiking, brewery, walking the city, and cool shops. To start I drove out to the coast on 26 and then up 101. I found the ship wreck of the Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens State Park that I wanted to explore. This park was also an old fort during WWII. It helped protect the Columbia River from the Japanese. It was also close to Astoria and had a lot to explore so a good spot to hike.

Lots to explore at this park. Honestly I was a little disappointed in the ship wreck. I don’t remember when it wrecked but it has been on the beach for a long time and it shows it’s age. From the parking lot its maybe 200 yards up the beach which was also a little disappointed. After exploring this rather underwhelming wreck I headed further up the peninsula and its parking lot. From here I just made my own trail and walked around the point and back. The inlet was pretty cool and from the beach you can see Astoria and the Washington coast. I certainly see why they put a couple of batteries here.

Still not satisfied with my hike I continued back down the coast to the battery facing the Pacific Ocean. This was a cool spot to explore. They have stripped out everything that wasn’t concrete which is interesting. I walked all over that battery, trying to imagine what all the rooms where for and what was in it. It was certainly a cramped location to be working in. I would argue a good place to have a picnic too.

It was already well into the afternoon and by now I was getting hungry. Time to find some beer and food. I decided on Fort George Brewery to check both boxes. This complex is huge covering two different floors. Each floor is actually a different restaurant with a different vibe to it as well. Really cool concept. Good beer selection and the food on the first floor was pub style but better. The second floor is pizza. It has lots of stand up tables and a huge bar. There is also a large outdoor patio area with corn hole which is cool. The building next to the pub is the actual brewery with tours given regularly.

After lunch I headed to find my friends old house. I really should have driven but I thought it would be better to walk. Nice neighborhood with lots of hills. By now t I have seen where my friend has lived in Astoria, OR and Clearwater, FL along with where we both grew up in Woodbridge, VA. Walking back I did a quick tour of downtown. Really only two streets and a few blocks long. Pretty cool shops with a good variety. Didn’t find anything but did lots of looking.

You know and I never made it to The Goonies house. After looking up directions for it I found the Trip Advisor page and the place has been closed down for a few years at this point. It is a private residencies so I get it. Would have been nice to see it however.

On the way home I took a different route and I am so glad I did. Route 202 was a beautiful winding, twisting road through the forest. It was freshly paved and there was no one in front or behind me. I was in the zone while driving that road back. The weather was perfect as the sun finally started to set. Man what a great drive. I am going to have to go back to Astoria just so I can drive that road again, it is that damn good.

This was a great day trip. For me I love that is is 2 hours away. I don’t like quick trips or ones that take all day to get there. I could easily get there, spend the afternoon doing what I wanted and still be back before the sun sets. I found a couple other breweries here so there is certainly a reason to come back to Astoria.