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The New Negroes Live Show at Doug Fir

Things often just work out. I try to see a concert on or as close to my birthday as possible. As soon as I could drive I saw my first concert I have fallen in love with live music. I try to see concerts as often as possible. This year I didn’t see anything in November but I did manage to see the podcast The New Negroes live on their swing through Portland at the Doug Fir. Jenny was excited because Naomi Ekperigin was the headline comic that night. Jenny recommend I watch her in an episode 2 Dope Queens and she was funny as hell.

We got tickets for the early show and when we arrived it wasn’t that full but as show time approached the place really filled in. It was going to be a great night of comedy I could feel it. Honestly I don’t remember the comics names besides Naomi but they were very funny. The first two people where locals and the spoke about their personal lives.

The first guy, the best part was the end of his set when he tells this story of his daughter. Basically there is an altercation and as he approaches he hears “Suck my dick.” Second to perform was interesting. He was a little younger then the first and most of his set was dedicated to his childhood. So many references to Pokemon and a few to Harry Potter. It was funny but most of the jokes skewed younger to be honest. Most people around me were laughing. It was a weird situation to be in. Last up was Naomi and she was funny as shit, my side was hurting.

Besides all the hilarity that night the other thing that was pretty amazing was seeing the birthday problem in real life. I have often spoken of this because when you think about it, 50% with just 23 people is pretty good odds. And that’s just math. Anyway, it was true that night and I was pretty excited to share the night with someone famous. Such a good night of comedy.

Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Pretty nice space for Fair Winds.  Still an industrial park but lots of space and well laided out.
Pretty nice space for Fair Winds. Still an industrial park but lots of space and well laided out.

Last Saturday was my dad’s birthday.  Unfortunately he is no longer around to help celebrate but that doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate without him.  I miss him everyday.  Times like this make me really appreciate the time we did spend together.

In honor of him we went to a local brewery in Lorton, Fair Winds Brewing Co.  This is the first time I have been to the brewery and besides the Kerri’s Cure, I haven’t had their stuff before.  They are on a few local taps, most notable Lost Rhino Retreat near my house.  Despite that, I never had their stuff before and was looking forward to it.  Being a celebration, I dove right into full glass, skipping the sampling they offered all together.

Fair Winds Dank & Stormy
Fair Winds Dank & Stormy

Having just returned from France and all Belgium, farmhouse, and saison it was about time I drink a proper IPA so I dove right into the Dank & Stormy.  This imperial IPA was really good in my opinion, getting an above average score from me.  While waiting for Matt and Pat to arrive, I had time to get their Home Port Sout which was also good.Once the rest of the crew arrive we caught up about our recent trip to France and reminisced about my dad.

That night we went back to Pat’s house for a nice dinner.  We decided to have a classic “Henry meal” which he would love to cook on Sunday: flank steak, roasted potatoes, and asparagus.  Nothing special but it was always a go-to meal for him.  Having that meal really brought back some memories.

My dad has been dead for two years now but it seems like only yesterday he was still with us.  I think of him often and miss him a lot.  Its the little things that I miss the most like not being able to give him a call and ask for advice or hit a brewery for a good beer.  I know we will meet again but until the, I am going to live my life like he would want me to.

Happy birthday dad.

cheers dad!
cheers dad!

Another Birthday Weekend Beer Tour

Outside of the brewpub.
Outside Mad Horse Brewpub.

For Matt’s birthday he wanted to do a beer tour.  For his job he travels a lot around the state and noticed a brewery sign like you see for wineries around Lovettsville and wanted to visit it.  The only brewery I know of in that area is Mad Horse Brewpub so we setup that as the first location.  Because it was Matt’s birthday I was DD so he could enjoy himself.

When we arrived at the brewery I was surprised to see Michael behind the bar.  We have seen him every time we have gone to Creek’s Edge Winery which is just down the road from Mad Horse.  We immediately said hello and started chatting.  Come to find out Michael bought the brewpub not long ago.  He and his partners have completely redone the beer menu and according to Michael, made it much better he said.  Nancy visited the placed several years ago and didn’t have much good to say about it.  When we ordered our samplers, I had high hopes for the revamped brewpub.

All eight beers available at the time we visiting. Some good stuff here folks.
All eight beers available at the time we visiting. Some good stuff here folks.

We each ordered a full flight of eight beers and got to work.  I must say I was impressed with most all of the beers.  They had great flavor and well balanced plus the selection was a wide variety that there should be something for everyone.  As DD I paced myself and allowed my cohorts to be a little more liberally.  Honestly it was good because it allowed me more time to properly sample the beers and write my reviews of each.  Average rating by me was almost 3 so that was good.  The IPA and stout where particularly good to me.  There is food available, we got the BBQ nachos and they where great.  Food is pretty limited but this too is a good selection and everything was great that we tried.

From here we started making our way back to Fairfax and dinner.  We headed to Leesburg and stopped at Crooked Run for another glass.  Here we meetup with Pat and she started on the journey with us.  I also took the time to catch up with an old friend who is working at Leesburg Cigar and Pipe.  I love this nano brewery.  They always have some small batch weird crazy stuff available.  I will admit that it is not for everyone but I love this place.  I got the raspberry Wishing Well which was cask conditioned and it was good.  Has a nice flavor of raspberry’s and is a very “thick” beer.  I even got a bottle of Shadow of Truth to go.  I haven’t seen bottles from them so I took the opportunity to snag one for my cellar.

Sign outside the brewery.
Sign outside the brewery.

Finally we ended up at Brio Tuscan Grill in Fair Oaks Mall for dinner.  This was a combination dinner for Matt and mine since we missed officially celebrating it.  The food was good but honestly it was way to much.  By the time our main course arrived we had already filled up on apps and salad none of us could finished the main meal.  I was so full I didn’t even get dessert which is highly unusual for me.

Another successful weekend of beer stating around the great state of Virginia.  As we get older it is no really about presents any longer.  I much more enjoy spending time with friends and family instead of having gifts and a giant party.  Next up is Nancy and I think for her I would like to do something a little different.  We have been to many wineries and breweries but never a distillery.  We are all now another year old and another year wiser.