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Nats vs Reds June 24th 2017

It was a weekend I had no official plans and was completely within my rights to do nothing or everything.  While reading the Post on the deck with some coffee I saw an advert for the upcoming home stretch of the Nets.  I quickly checked with my peeps and unfortunately everyone was busy but that didn’t stop my.  I got my ass in gear and headed to DC for an afternoon of baseball.

With Safe Track finally over my trip into the city on Metro was still a nightmare.  With the new schedule trains just run fewer and far between.  This meant the last stretch on the green line was nuts to butts as hundreds of baseball fans making our way to the stadium for the game.  The weather was going to be rather nice with low humidity and temps in the mid-80’s.  My ticket was in left field so I was in the sun for the entire game.  The warmth felt good but I never got to the point of sweeting my balls off which made me happy.

Not much I can write about this game.  I arrived just in time to get my seat and watch the teams take the field for the first inning.  Very quickly the Nats where up to bat in the first and started putting points on the board.  By the 3rd inning it was already 8 to nothing or something crazy.  In the fifth inning with the Nats WAAAAY ahead and the likelihood of the Reds coming back waning, I started losing interest in the game.  By the seventh I was actively looking to leave the stadium and get a head start on the green line.

In no time I was headed west towards home.  It was a great day at the ballpark, finally glad I got out to see a Nats game this season.  While the ticket was expensive I don’t feel it was a waste of money.  I just wish the Reds could have put up a small fight and make a game out of it.  Next I will have to see about a game during the week.  I think leaving work a little early for a later afternoon game is in order.


Nats vs. Reds


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My parent company, Van Metre, got all the department heads together yesterday for a company event. They rented a suite at Nationals Park for a game against the Reds. I have been to a few games before but never have I been to a suite at the Nats, or any professional game for that matter. It was a great opportunity to meet and greet the other department heads while enjoying a relaxed environment and a few beers.

A few of us ICM employees meet at Bluejacket’s for a pre-game happy hour. I remember reading about this brewpub in DC almost two years ago. It took them a while to open and longer for me to visit but the wait was worth it. My dad and I always wanted to see a Nats game and stop here for a drink or three. I sampled three of their beers and I must say I was most impressed with Twit. This sour wheat sure hit the spot for me. Clean, crisps, with a great tart taste that didn’t make me pucker. I unfortunately didn’t make it inside the restaurant, Derek said it is a sight to behold so I certainly look forward to coming back and sampling some more beers inside the restaurant this time.


It took no time at all to walk to the stadium and then I had to find the suite. I actually stopped and asked around because the signs did little to direct me where I needed to go. Eventually I found the suite and I must saw I was impressed. You could certainly get a better view with a closer seat but the amenities are what counted here. From the suite you could see the entire field without straining your neck. Free food, cold beer (poor selection but it’s hard to pass up free) and even a pool table. It was funny, first time in a suite and I needed to pee. I step outside and find a guy who informed me the suite had facilities, two in fact. Not sure if I will get another chance like this but it certainly was fun.

an empty suite

As for the game it was pretty good. First few inning it was a goose egg all around. In the fourth inning Cincinnati went up and proceeded to score again in the fifth. We eventually got a run and not until the ninth did we tie it up, we went to extra innings. By this point everyone had left except Tim, Cathy and I. They bailed during the tenth and I stayed till the 11th. Unfortunately I had to catch the train home so I couldn’t stay till the final pitch. I kept up with the score from my phone and we eventually lost 4-3 in the 15th inning. I almost made it home before the game ended it was so long.

It was a fantastic evening. Bluejacket kicked ass and it was great to hang out with some of my co-workers. The suite was awesome and it was a great opportunity to network with other department heads from Van Metre. I know they are planning another outing to Nationals Park in August, this time opened to everyone in the company and our spouses which will be fun. I love what I do and love my company.

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