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Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood Ogden Theatre March 30th & 31st 2018

Ogden Theatre marquee for Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 3/30

Literally for months I have been waiting for this weekend. Oh so long ago a two night run was announce by Medeski, Martin and Wood with the addition of long time friend John Scofield. This was a one off performance and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see my second favorite band. They never tour any more so any opportunity to see them I jump at it. Hench traveling to Denver in 2017 to see Jose Russo’s Almost Dead only because MMW was opening for them.

I will never live down the day probably close to 20 years ago by now, that I missed MSMW at the 9:30 Club. I thought the show would never sell out and boy was I wrong. Not only did I miss this first tour by the group but it was a birthday show for me too so I was really bummed. Since that time I never miss a MSMW show and I get my tickets early….way early. The day they went on sale early.

This trip really worked out. The shows where on Friday and Saturday which was pretty cool. I would just have to take Friday off to fly out, see the shows, and then fly back on Sunday, ready to work Monday. Eventually I figured out this was Easter weekend and that caused all sorts of issues coming back. Pat was flying into Vancouver for our traditional Easter brunch. I was able to fly into town and make it for Sunday dinner so almost as awesome as brunch. Prime rib was the the choice for dinner.

A huge display of Degas paintings, drawings and other items related to the great master. A great exhibit. I was happy I caught it.

MWMW was playing the Ogden Theatre which is close to downtown so I stuck to my general game plan of staying at the Renaissance Denver Downtown. I can take the train from the airport to Union Station and then a free bus to the hotel. The hotel was only a short 25 minute walk to the venue and the rest of Colfax Ave.

I got into town mid-afternoon and headed to the hotel. Thankfully I got another room upgrade to a corner suite which was really nice. I hadn’t had anything to eat so after a quick stop for essentials I was off to French 75 to get some food and a well deserved beer. The flight over was nothing special but it was finally time to relax. The beef was cooked really well and the pasta was ok. I was trying to relive memories of Paris but that just wasn’t happening at French 75. After that it was back to the hotel for a quick nap before a long night.

I arrived a little late to the venue because I was napping so the first floor was all filled up. I headed upstairs to the second level and found a spot on the left side to catch the first set. The venue us a huge and beautiful place. From the outside it looks rough but on the inside it is a whole different story. The second floor balcony is huge and wraps around the entire venue. Ceilings are Art Deco and the stage is pretty big. There is even seating on the second floor back stage but I believe these seats cost extra.

All weekend it was really nice which was awesome. It felt so good just sitting in the sun.

As for the first nights performance….it was good. I honestly thought that Scofield was bringing the band down at times. His playing was just off for much of the night. It was like his hands just couldn’t keep up with the tempo or the pace of the songs at times. When things got complicated, he broke down. Despite Scofield’s playing it was a killer show and I was so happy to see them all playing together. Chris was really spot on with the bass. His jams were tight and precise and amazing to see. In fact he killed it both nights. After the show I walked to Voodoo to have a little taste of home. I should have eaten the doughnuts immediately instead of taking them back to the hotel. Oh well, still very good despite being smashed.

Saturday was a full day in Denver so I took the opportunity to have some fun before the start of the show. I wanted to hit some breweries in the area and like always, I find myself killing time in the morning waiting for them to open. This time around I decided to head south from the hotel so stopped off at the Denver Art Museum to check things out before getting into an afternoon of drinking. This was just on a whim and I am really glad I stopped.

First off they have demolished the north building since the last time I visited. This was a big shock when I saw this giant hole in the ground and cranes. The other kick ass thing was the Degas exhibit they had. The museum has lost most of its exhibit space so this special showing I thought was a great way to tide everyone over till the new building is completed. The exhibit was really well done. Such a huge collection of Degas, I have never seen so many in my life in one place. I have seen only a few of his works, the ballerinas I immediately recognized for example. The exhibit chronicled his life from his early work to the end of his life. Showing his work in different medias and how the subject matter changes as his life went on. A really great exhibit of his work and if you get a chance to see it, go.

Some of the many barrels for ageing are in the back.

Now that breweries were finally open I started getting down to some serious business. First up was Trve Brewing Co. This place reminds me a lot of Black Sky Brewing. An interesting brewery for sure. Its probably 20’ or so wide but really deep. Front portion has a garage door.  Brewing operations in the back and so is the bar.  Lots of long benches the lead you back to the bar. As is the theme things get darker the further you go into the place, really interesting style. Some nice contemporary art on the walls. Decor and theme is heavy metal and it really works. I actually really enjoyed the music that played the whole time I was there. Candles on the taps make it look like an alter. A good selection of draft but I really loved their bottle selection. Lots of aged beers which where awesome.

Then some quick food to keep me standing so I found Moe’s Original Bar B Que down the street. It was relatively close to where I was and the next brewery I wanted to hit so a perfect location. Since I arrived in the city I have done a lot of walking and the plate of food I got was huge but I devoured it all. It was some really good bbq and some much needed fuel to keep me going. It was already late in the afternoon so I was hoping this meal would keep me going all night. I was expected another late night of dancing and grooving.

For some reason in Denver I was on the sour kick and the second brewery I found was Baere Brewing Co. Another interesting location for sure. Small strip mall with limited parking. Does have a nice outdoor patio area for nice days which is cool. There are also garage doors that open the entire place up. Lots of aged beers here which is awesome. You can see many of the barrels all stacked up in the back. 80’s new wave music going on which was cool. Lots of exposed wood and polished concrete floors. 

By now it was time to start making my way to the venue. I told myself I was going to get a good spot yet maximized my time before the show. Colfax Ave is a hoping place so plenty to do before walking into the show. I found The 1Up, a classic arcade joint, before the show. I have been to the one in LoDo but not the one on Colfax. A low ceiling and cramped place with a decent selection of games. I find Ground Kontrol to be better.

Finally it was time to get to the venue. I timed it to arrive a little before 9pm. I was planning on just walking in, going up stairs, coat check and boom, concert. As I started walking towards the venue I noticed something was wrong but it took a moment to figure out the situation. The block was out of power and there was a line of people standing outside waiting to get in. Not wanting to just stand in the freezing cold I did a lap around the area to keep warm, constantly checking for updates to the power. It looked like literally only two block where without power which sucked. As time went by and no updates being posted I started getting concerned if the show was going on at all. A rescheduled date would be hard for me to make.

Finally around 9:30 the power was restored and there was a giant roar from the crowd. Come to find out the venue started letting people in and then the power when out so everyone had to evacuate. Since most people where already queued outside once everyone got in the show pretty much started immediately. Despite the late start we still got two full sets totaling 2.5 hours which was awesome.

Scofield was off for a second night but still a good performance over all. Disappointingly they repeated a few songs from the previous night. I found out the reason for the two shows too. This was the 20th anniversary of A Go Go and the start of their collaboration with Scofield. This time because of the power outage I got a pretty decent spot on the balcony directly in front of the stage. During the second set there was a lady behind me, Stacy. What an interesting woman she was. Another great show that night and a total blast seeing the band playing again.

My flight back on Sunday was pretty early. My original plan was to get back to Portland at a reasonable hour and then relax the rest of the day so I could start work refreshed on Monday. Since it was Easter and Pat was in town when I got back I took a quick nap and then headed to Easter dinner. Pat was in town as part of a long trip out west to see everyone and for a family trip to Nanaimo for a week.

Whenever MMW play again I will seriously consider traveling to see the show. I love to travel, I love this band and it is something they do irregularly. My hope is that one day they will travel back to Japan or maybe a European tour so I can hit that and really enjoy a vacation seeing MMW.


Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood
Friday, March 30th 2018
Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

Show starts at 8:50pm

  1. Sham Time
  2. A Go Go
  3. Light My Fire
  4. Chicken Dog >
  5. Improv
  6. Juicy Lucy
  7. Helium

Set over at 10:07pm

Set 2 starts at 10:35pm

  1. drums
  2. Chank >
  3. Deadzy >
  4. What Now >
  5. Deadzy
  6. What’d I Say
  7. Sunshine of Your Love

Set over at 11:50pm

Encore starts at 11:53pm

  1. Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing

House lights at 12:03am


Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood
Saturday, March 31st 2018
Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

Show starts at 9:42pm

  1. Boozer >
  2. Southern Pacific
  3. Little Walter Rides Again
  4. I Got a Woman >
  5. Partido Alto
  6. Jeep on 35

Set over at 10:55pm

Set 2 starts at 11:30pm

  1. Legalize It
  2. Chank
  3. A Go Go
  4. Miles Behind >
  5. Sunshine of Your Love >
  6. Fuck You Guys

Set 2 over at 12:41am

Encore starts at 12:45am

  1. Green Tea

House lights at 12:52am

Notes: Power was out to a couple block for a while. Eventually just before 9pm power was restored. We quickly filtered in, security was a breeze. Additional microphone this night.


SEA to DEN to PDX All for the Love of Music

The New Mastersounds 11/9 at 9pm

I regularly get emails from bands with their concert schedules and will often plan trips around these tour schedules.  Things started to align when I got emails from The New Mastersounds and LCD Soundsystem.  The New Mastersounds where planning on hitting the pacific northwest with a show in Portland and another in Seattle.  LCD Soundsystem got back together after a few years of being on hesitates and did a pretty long tour over summer and fall of 2017.  For a while I have been trying to see them but my last best shot was them coming to DC after I was gone.  Then I saw a show in Denver on a Saturday that wasn’t yet sold out.  I compared that date to the New Mastersounds schedule and said fuck it, I’m going on vacation.

LCD Soundsystem was playing in Denver on a Saturday which is a totally doable show from Portland.  A quick and cheap flight over for the weekend and back home for work on Monday.  I then thought I could see the New Mastersounds mid week in Portland, travel to Seattle to see them on Friday and catch LCD on Saturday.  Because I was afraid LCD would sell out I got that ticket first and then the New Mastersounds.  It was at this point when I realized New Mastersounds was playing Thursday in Seattle, not Friday.  Oh well that just meant an extra day off and a full day in Seattle.

My trip started coming together and this was going to be a doozy, even for me so follow along. Thursday I decided to the take Amtrak from Vancouver to Seattle.  Unfortunately my train was a little late but once we got going things where great.  I took an Uber to the station so I didn’t even have to worry about getting there.  I splurged for a first class seat since I was only going one way.  I had a nice leather seat with plenty of room.  So much I could cross my legs.  There was even a power outlet and decent wi-fi access as a bonus.  It was a little over 3 hours to get to Seattle.  Unless time is of the essence I would rather take the train to Seattle then fly.  Just a better experience all around.

Thursday I didn’t have much of a plan besides seeing the show.  I was hungry so started making my way towards downtown to find some food.  It was pretty late in the afternoon so the city was quite.  I found Blueacre Seafood.  Good stuff but I thought overpriced for what I got.  Good selection of beer and seafood.  I found several kick ass stationary stores and even a spot to grab a cupcake.  Cupcakes Royale not nearly as good as Cupcakes Actually.  Sometimes I miss the things from home.  I found myself down by the water and stopped by Pike’s Place Market.

That evening I wanted something good to eat near the Neptune Theatre and found Big Time Brewing Co. for some local craft beer and food.  I had a craving for tacos that night and ordered some pretty good ones.  They where simple and filling and the perfect thing to fill my belly before rocking out to another night of The New Mastersounds.  The beer was pretty good as well.  I had the Coal Creek Porter and Skosh, both above average beers for me.

The band kicked ass again that night.  Even though I just saw them two nights before in Portland it was another great show by the band.  The crowd was energetic and the theater is rather spectacular.  A converted single screen movie theater the place looks really good with all the art deco and classic turn of the century theater styling.  Less then a thousand people can be seated in the place.  No dance floor, all seat.  Really nice place I would certainly see another show here.

Friday was a full day in the city so I was excited to get started.  I got a decent start to the day with breakfast at the hotel before heading downtown to the Seattle Art Museum.  This place was amazing.  A truly great museum with all sorts of stuff in their collection.  New, old, lots of western, sculptures and plenty of open spaces to get lost looking at art on the wall or in front of you.  After walking around the museum I worked up an appetite and found Shawn O’Donnell’s which was pretty good.  It was late afternoon and the place was dead.  I was just happy they where still serving food as several other places I found where closed.

With no real plan I just kept walking around the city and getting further and further into south Seattle, a new place to explorer for me.  Its mostly a warehouse district that appears to be going through a transition at the moment.  Seapine Brewing Co. was an awesome find out here in the hinter lands.  A huge traditional brewing operation in my opinion.  Lots of tables and high tops in the front with the bar covering the brewing operations in the back of the warehouse.  The Hefeweizen and Mosaic Pale both received above average ratings.  A great selection and I would definitely come back here to try their other offerings.  No food but I can live with that.  After a great day in Seattle it was time to make the long walk back to the hotel for a good nights rest.  Saturday was going to be a rather busy day for me.

Seapine Brewing Co.

I had a late morning flight from SEA to DEN which would get me to Denver with plenty of time to check into the hotel, bum around for a bit and then head to the show in Broomfield.  That was the only problem was the show was in Broomfield and it ended up being a nightmare getting to and from on public transit.  Everyone is trying to be green and it just overloaded the system that night around the venue.  I eventually gave up taking the bus and got an Uber instead.  Coming back I almost didn’t make it onto the bus.  Another thing that ticked me off was my room wasn’t ready in time.  I got to the hotel and dropped by stuff off but I had to come back later to actually check in.

Denver has no lack of breweries but because of time constraints I ended up going back to Wynkoop Brewing Co.  I knew they had food and good beer from one of my other visits to Denver.  They didn’t disappoint then and not this time either.  I had some wonderfully filling food and good beer to get me ready for the LCD show.  They was some weird DJ that opened and he sucked.  My ticket was in the general admission seating at the back of the venue.  The place didn’t sell out and while the floor was sell out it was pretty empty all night.  I felt disconnected from the show I was so far way from the stage, honestly it was kind weird sitting there watching the show.  The ticket was already expensive but I should have upgraded for a closer view.

The mirror ball was amazing when lite up.

Two hours after they took the state I was out the door trying to make it back to downtown.  There where so many people and so few buses.  I almost didn’t make it and really didn’t want to pay $60 for an Uber if I didn’t have to.  Eventually I got back to the hotel after a long day and crashed.  My adventure wasn’t over just yet, I still had to get home.  I had a late afternoon flight combined with a late check out which was perfect.  I got some breakfast and then wrote letters while watching Sunday Morning.  Next I headed to Commons Park for one last cigar before my flight.

In the end I used cars, bus, train, plain, metro, light rail and walked a ridiculous amount of miles.  Even for me this was one for the books.  That night when I got home I didn’t do anything but grab some food and go to bed.  Monday was going to come early and I wasn’t prepared.  I forgot to take my mandatory vacation after my vacation.


The New Mastersounds
Thursday, November 9th 2017
Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA

Kung Fu opened

Set 1 starts at 10:21pm
1. .
2. .
3. .
4. .
Set over at 11:47pm house lights

Encore at 11:48pm
1. .
2. .
House lights at 11:59pm


LCD Soundsystem
Saturday, November 11th 2017
1STBANK Center – Denver, CO

Set 1 starts at 9:16pm
1. Oh Baby
2. Daft Punk is Playing at My House
3. I Can Chang
4. Call the Police
5. Get Innocuous!
6. You Wanted a Hit >
7. Tribulations
8. Movement
9. Someone Great
10. Change Yr Mind
11. Tonight >
12. Home >
13. I Want Your Love
14. New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down
Set over at 10:41pm

Literally a piss break.

Set 2 starts at 10:47pm
1. Yr City’s a Sucker
2. Dance Yourself Clean
3. All My Friends
House lights at 11:11pm


Denver for the Fourth

July 4th was on a Tuesday this year and for whatever reason my company gave us Monday off as well.  Makes sense honestly.  Lots of people would have taken Monday off anyway so why not just give it to everyone.  This resulted in a super long four day holiday weekend.  This presented a great opportunity to travel and get a descent vacation in.  After a lot of thinking I decided to head back to Denver for the weekend.  No specific reason this time, I just love Denver.

I found an early morning flight that would get me to Denver before noon.  So that meant almost a full day on Saturday and two full days before heading home.  I was so busy working and trying to put my life together that I honestly didn’t plan much for this trip.  Another reason I went to Denver is my familiarity with it.  I knew if I went I would have a good time. There is just so much to do I knew I couldn’t get bored.

This time around I didn’t feel much like jamming my day with a ton of activities. For the most part I was really lazy. There was no need to get up early and stayed up late every night. The only real plan I had was visiting the Denver Art Museum. I was sad we didn’t make it here in April so this time it was the only thing I made sure I put on my to do list.

A really great museum with a varied collection of works. One thing I quickly noticed was all the western and Native American art. I shouldn’t be surprised but for some reason I was. I was also surprised to see a Claude Mont The Coastguards Cabin (Customs House) hanging on the wall. I have seen Mont’s stuff all over the country at this point. Its kind of amazing when you think about it. All these different art museum all have a Mont in their collection.

Denver Art Musem north entrance

After a great day at the museum I walked out to what sounded like muffled voices and banging of drums. Across the street in Civic Center Park I found a protest. Not sure who organized it but it was definitely an anti-Trump rally. Maybe a few hundred people that marched from the park to the state capitol building. Surprisingly there were about a dozen Trump supporters who I thought were antagonistic but thankfully nothing happened. The police had a good present but were respectful with their distance. This is my third time to Denver this year and if memory serves me correctly I have seen a protest each trip. The locals are passionate and very vocal.

The rest of my time was spent just walking around the cities, drinking beer and eating. Brewery visits where limited this time around, only three new ones this trip. I have been staying at the Renaissance in Downtown and have already visited the closest breweries so much more walking is required now to see some new places.  Stopped by Beryl’s Beer Co., Ratio Beerworks, and Bierstadt Lager.  All around a good selection of breweries with Ratio being the best of the three in my opinion.

I love fireworks and was surprised to hear that Denver puts on a show in Civic Center Park on July 3rd.  Not sure how many years this has been going on but it’s a local tradition to head down to the park July 3rd.  After a long day of drinking and walking I eventually made my way to the park for the show.  I wasn’t interested in the pre-fireworks festivities so arrived about 30 minutes before the display.  Really cool display that was loud with lots of color.

God I love fireworks and while I might be biased I believe DC puts on one of the best Forth of July festivals in the nation.  With that in mind my return flight on July 4th would get me back at a reasonable hour in the afternoon.  My original thought was to arrive at IAD and head downtown before the fireworks start around 9pm.  It was a great idea but in the end I just went home when I got back into town.  It was a really long weekend filled with a ton of activities so by the time I landed all I wanted to do was go home and sleep.  What sealed my decision was I was flying to Birmingham the following day.  I was staying the rest of the week to train a new hire so felt no need to push myself to make it to DC.  The fireworks in Denver fulfilled my itch for fireworks this season.

Another great time in Denver thanks to the four day Jul 4th weekend.  As is usually my motive I drank some great beer and ate till I was full each day.  This is a city that always has something going on and never leaves me bored.  Already planning on going back over Veterans Day weekend to see LCD Soundsystem which will be awesome!  Still working on getting a new job here in Portland so that could screw up my plans Veterans Day weekend but oh well.  I would rather plan all this out then find airline tickets are to expensive or the show is sold out.  Most of their north American tour is already sold out so I wanted to get my ticket before it was to late.

NYE 2016 in Denver

Things have been a different this year around the holidays.  Lots of changes are happening so while I was driving to the beach for a 5 day mini vacation, stuck in traffic, I got a crazy idea in my head.  I have wanted to go to Denver for a while now, I had the time, and my bonus was burning a hole in my pocket.  It took me just over 5 hours but I finally made it to Rehoboth Beach and started doing research.  I knew it would take me two solid days of driving to get there and another two getting back.  I could arrive late on Friday and spend all Saturday in Denver.  A quick check of local NYE shows and I found that The String Cheese Incident was playing the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.  String Cheese doesn’t tour much so this would be a good opportunity to see them and besides this is a hometown show for them.

Thursday morning I started this adventure by watching the sunrise on the beach.  It was overcast with a lite drizzle but I managed to see parts of the sun as it broke the horizon.  From here it was nothing but driving across the country.  The weather on the east coast wasn’t to great.  I drove through snow, rain and fog for about half the day.  I made a reservation for a hotel in St. Louis and didn’t make it there till around midnight.  One day done and my old bones where already starting to feel it.

Just get on the road and drive.

The next morning started early, I was out the door around 7am.  I knew this last part of the trip would take me a solid 12 hours and I wanted to spend at least some time that night having some fun.  On the outskirts of St. Louis another idea started to take shape.  I would have been perfectly happy going to Denver on my own but instead I brought Nancy and Jeremy with me.  It was a busy morning making a lot of phone calls and booking travel but totally worth it.  This was shaping up to be a pretty awesome last minute adventure for New Year Eve.

I drove all day and watched the sun set across Kansas which was really nice.  Finally I made it to Denver and when you come in on 70W you round this slight hill and then the city just appears in front of you.  It is this massive city with suburbs that go for miles.  Honestly I was shocked at how big Denver is.  On Saturday as we drove around I got a better idea just how big it is.  By the time I got into town Nancy had already landed and made her way to the hotel to check in.  I didn’t arrive till almost nine but it felt good to finally be in Denver.  Jeremy was on a later flight so Nancy and I head to True Food Kitchen just down the street for dinner.  After crap food for two days I wanted something super health and True Food Kitchen delivered.  They also had beer so it was my first sample of beer from Colorado.  Eventually Nancy and I retired to the hotel bar for another drink and this is when Jeremy arrived.  He worked a full day and then hopped on a plain so didn’t get in till almost 11.

Saturday, New Years Eve.  We all had tickets to SCI but we had a ton of time to kill before the show started.  We started with breakfast on the top floor which over looked the front range.  When I came into town it was already dark so this was my first sight of the mountains.  Denver is already a mile high and I knew the mountains where much taller still.  The mountains stretched for as far as the eye could see.  Denver is still a good distance away but they still looked impressive.  At breakfast we strategized what our plan would be for the day.  It really came down to what brewery we could find that was open at 10am.

All day we traveled across the city visiting as many breweries as we could.  By the end of the day we hit four in all and one restaurant that served some really good food and had a ton of local craft beer on draft.  First up was CO Brew which we thought we got wrong when we pulled up.  It is a home brew retail store and not a brewery per say.  We found they do in fact brew beer on premise, they teach glasses on home brewing so make a tone of beer.  Very interesting place to have our first beer of the morning.  As cool as everything was it didn’t inspire me to start home brewing.

On the recommendation of the bartender we went to Black Sky Brewing next.  This spot is certainly geared toward metal and hard rock.  My first impression was that this place would be an interesting stop on our trail, just a minor speed bump.  Of all the places this was the one I liked best.  The beer was good but it was the people that made it so enjoyable.  Not only was the staff very friendly but the other patrons really made it a fun time doing a little day drinking.

Black Sky sent us to Strange Craft down by the river.  This is a small hole in the wall but it had character.  Here the beer was very good with a wide variety to choose from.  We got to talking and the guys from Black Sky actually got their start at Strange Craft doing a home brew startup thing.  Small world when you think about it.  By this time we all where pretty hungry and headed over to Sloan’s Lake Tap and Burger for some food.  The burgers where all really good and the selection of local craft was amazing.  Very nice decor on the inside with huge ceilings and plenty of space for guests.  The building is brand new but the neighborhood could still use some work.

By now it was getting pretty late in the afternoon so we headed back to the hotel to rally for String Cheese.  I really wanted to take a nap because day drinking really wears me out but there was no time for that.  We got an Uber and headed to one last brewery before the show.  The last place we went to was 4 Noses Brewing just a couple blocks from the venue.  It was a nice place so close but honestly I didn’t care for the place.  The brewery is brand new and modern but it lacked character.  I also thought the beer all tasted pretty much the same.  It didn’t matter what style you got, they all had this underlying orange citrus taste to them.  They even all looked similar.  As much as I wanted to like the place I just couldn’t bring myself to find anything good about it.

Doors for the show were at 7 with the performance starting at 8.  It was all general admission so we didn’t feel a need to arrive early and grab a spot.  I was just happy to be there. I unfortunately could only manage the first set before I had enough.  The long day of drinking and two days of straight driving was catching up with me.  Nancy and I decided to head back to the hotel and Jeremy stayed for the remainder of the show.  The report the next morning from Jeremy was good and I have listened to the show several times at this point.

As soon as my head hit the pillow it felt like it was time to get up and get going.  I dropped Jeremy and Nancy off at the airport and started back home to Virginia.  Getting back was just as interesting crossing the country but not much inclement weather this time.  Just like going out to Denver I stopped in St. Louise for the night.  I got home before midnight on Monday which was my goal and got to work the next morning right on time.

Not sure if I will drive that far again anytime soon but it was a great trip further west then I had ever been before.  Seeing String Cheese Incident, even if it was just for one set during a three set night was still worth it.  I was able to cross several more breweries off my list.  Honestly there wasn’t a bad part about the trip.  Already thinking about seeing Medeski, Martina and Wood at Red Rocks in late April just so I can spend more time in Denver.