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Central Oregon for a Weekend Trip

Hot off the heals of my weekend trip to Olympia I headed to Bend in central Oregon for another weekend getaway. I had another free hotel room to burn through and thought Bend would be a good place to visit. I have heard so much about Bend it was about time I make a visit to the outdoor capital and beer mecca that is Bend.

On the way to town I hiked the West Metolius River Trail which is near Camp Sherman in the Deschutes National Forest. A simple out and back that follows the Metrolius River. It starts at Lower Canyon Creek Campground and ends at a fish hatchery. I went a little further then that and found a perfect spot to stop and hang out for a while. A little bend in the river with a fly fisher doing his thing. It really was a picturesque spot. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better spot to relax and get some writing done.

The hike is pretty far back into the woods and is about half way to the city. I couldn’t hike much further down the trail if I wanted to arrive in Bend at a decent hour. This early in the season my body is pretty outta shape so I was looking forward to a good hike and then getting cleaned up rather earlier. I was so hungry after that hike the entire drive to Bend I thought about what I wanted and decided on a steak that night. Brickhouse Steak House was a good choice for dinner. A great steak with some good sides. The meal certainly hit the spot after the long hike. It was also the opening weekend for Deadpool 2 so I walked down to the movie theater and watch it. I saw it again and it was even better the second time. A great movie. Finding a late night snack after the move proved to be difficult without a car but thankfully I managed to find something to eat. I forget that once you are out of major metro areas it is difficult to find things open late.

When walking to the movie I found an awesome spot along the cliff side. It looks down on a pedestrian parkway, the river and a small beach across the water. The next morning I got some coffee and hung out at the cliff to smoke a cigar as the city came to life. Lots of people paddling up and down the river on a beautiful Sunday morning. Another great spot to just sit back and relax, taking it all in. Eventually hunger took over so I headed into town to get some food and beer.

One of the first 10 Barrel on the west side was where I decided to stop. I got there not long after they opened so the place was pretty empty for a Sunday morning. They had the Nationals playing on the TV which was really cool to see here on the west coast. I settled in for my standard two beers and some food. The food I was particularly impressed with. The beer was good don’t get me wrong but the food was pretty amazing for a brewery and especially for one as corporate as this. Everything was great here. Only think that could have made it better was a Nats win.

The drive home that afternoon was really peaceful. For the majority of the time I had this giant snow capped mountain to my left and it was a double lane road through the middle of the forest in Oregon. Back in Virginia this would be have been labeled a scenic byway. The beer culture is why I want to come back. Sad I only got to one brewery with so many good options to choose from. I could spend a solid weekend brewery hoping if given the chance. A great little city in the middle of Oregon. I know exactly why this place is booming.