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Finally Made it to the Beach

As we all know this year has wrecked many vacation plans, not just mine and Jenny’s. Some friends of ours wanted to celebrate a birthday with a trip to the beach and renting a house. Unfortunately the weekend they where looking at didn’t work out but both Jenny and I got excited for the prospect of a vacation to the beach. We couldn’t find any place along the cost and eventually we just gave up looking.

Couldn’t see the sun but we knew it was setting.

Jenny just couldn’t let it go and made it happen. She found the Gilbert Inn located in Seaside, OR that would rent us a room for a single night on Friday. We left town right at 5:30pm in hopes to beat at least some of the traffic headed to the coast. It was going to take some time to arrive in Seaside but we wanted to catch the sunset along the coast which was around 7:30 that night. Thankfully before we knew it we where checked into the hotel and headed to the beach to catch the last rays of the sunset.

The weather could have been better but it wasn’t that bad. Clouds covered most of the horizon but we could see a small piece of sky as that was orange as the sun set. The cloud cover just made everything dark with the exception of that one spot that was clear. Honestly it was pretty tripy. Jenny wanted to go down to the water so we walked along the surf before heading to find dinner. She ran right down to the water edge. Me, not so much. I preferred to enjoy for a distance but it was fun to see her be 6 year old again. All excited and giddy seeing the ocean. It was pretty low tide and waves can come in blindsiding you if you are not careful. Plus the water is to cold and I was not looking to getting even a little wet.

I loved the trail the cloud made from the wind off the rocks.

Dinner was a little tricky. The difficulty was finding a place that was open for being so “late” in the evening. With the pandemic raging most places closed early and certainly had much less seating. We put our name on the list and killed some time till a table freed up just walking up and down the boardwalk. Food here was good and I would like to go back for another dish. Nothing terrible fancy but it was good and flavorful. I got the crab mac and cheese, I forget what Jenny got but it was excellent as well.

Not much action happening that night so after dinner we headed back to the room. Honestly I was totally fine with that. Just getting out of the house for a quick trip to the beach like this was more important than filling our evening and following day with activities. We watch an episode of Chef’s Table before we both passed out for the evening.

Next morning it was great waking up not at my apartment and with Jenny laying next to me. We cleaned up and got our breakfast from the inn before hitting the town. With it being daylight more places where open and we just wanted to walk around and explore. We found a really cool book shop called Beach Books. I got some stationary and Jenny went nuts getting some books. Also found a nice cafe called Dough Dough Bakery with some cool pastries. I spied this biscuit with jam kinda thing and it was great later in the day when I enjoyed it. There are several antique stores as well which was fun to rummage through. No jewels in the rough on this trip but its fun to look.

It was really windy this morning.

Before we headed back to Portland we had one last mission, ice cream. I would agree that no trip to the beach is complete without some ice cream. Oh the number of times we would stop at Hopkins Farm Creamery on our way back from Rehoboth Beach. Countless scoops of some really amazing and fresh local ice cream. We stopped at Sea Star Gelato for a sweet treat and headed towards the beach. It was windy as crap but we manged to find a bench to sit on for a while and enjoy the lovely morning.

It was to short a trip to the beach but a much needed break and escape from the city. The weather was pretty good and played well the entire time. We got to see the sun set, ate some good food, slept well and enjoyed a beautiful morning at the beach. The trip back to Portland flew by with fresh memories from Seaside.