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Hudson Newmark Theatre October 23rd 2017

My friend Jeremy was in town for the weekend and since he wasn’t leaving till Tuesday we decided to see Hudson at Newmark Theatre.  I was thinking of seeing the show but when Jeremy said he was coming that weekend I knew we had to go.  The really awesome thing was my ticket was free.  My birthday isn’t till later but since Jeremy wouldn’t be around at that time tonights ticket was on him. We decided to celebrate a little early this year.

The day of the show I meet Jeremy at my apartment after he was out doing Portland stuff.  We prepped and headed to downtown, first to grab some grub and then catch the show.  This was more of a traditional show so the start time of 7:30 was honor.  We grabbed dinner at the East Side Delicatessen just down the street before walking into the venue.

The venue is a little weird.  Its appears to be a two block complex of various theaters for events.  The Newmark Theatre reminds me the National Theatre in DC.  About the same size, few hundred people at most, with three tiers of seating.  We had two seats at the end of the aisle and honestly this was my only grip of the night.  The “seats” were simple chairs that where the most uncomfortable pieces of crap I have ever spent two hours sitting in.

The venue was just about sold out and the crowd skewed older.  I of course know John Medeski and John Scofield but Jack DeJohnette and Larry Grenadier are unknowns for me.  They have an album out but I had not heard it before tonights performance. All I knew it had Medeski, Scofield and it would probably be straight ahead jazz.  What it did end up having was several Jimi Hendrix covers which honestly I didn’t care much for.  What I did enjoy was the improve jazz songs and compilations they did.  That stuff was super heavy and awesome.

The show was 2 hours with encore but didn’t seem like it dragged on.  The encore in fact was 20 minutes by itself which was awesome.  All around a great show and I am happy we got a chance to see Medeski in an arrangement besides MMW.  Not sure if Hudson will stick around or if this was a on shot deal but a great night of food, music and friends.