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Door County, WI with the Family

It has been way to long since I last traveled. All this was due to covid which is still ravaging the country. Despite that we booked a family trip back in the spring. Pat was really interested in getting everyone together since it has been so long. She decided on Door County, WI and this would be my first real vacation since this started.

Barge going up the Mississippi River just before sunset.

I planned my trip to arrive early and stay late. Flying from Portland I was upgraded to first class on the flight over. After getting the rental car I did some shopping for cannabis now that Illinois is a recreational state. I spent the night in Rockford, IL before continuing to La Crosse the next morning.

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Ale Asylum

See the rainbow, taste the rainbow.

The short story is we had to visit La Crosse on short notice so we packed the family up and traveled there this past Friday. We flew into Milwaukee and had to drive across the state, making a stop at the Madison airport to drop off some family. They needed to pickup their cars and would continue their journey to La Crosse.

The last time I was in Madison was for Mike’s funeral. As we drove to the airport early in the morning we passed by Ale Asylum. It is a regional beer and I remember trying their stuff one time we were in the area. It was to early to visit on that trip but my dad and I said one day we would come back. Well my dad couldn’t be here but we decided to stop by after our trip to the Madison airport.

A valuable package that must be protected.

They don’t open till 11am so Matt, Nancy and I waited over half an hour in the parking lot while they got ready. We had to get to La Crosse but didn’t feel like we needed to arrive super early. We of course were the first in the place and bellied up to the bar. Nancy and I started off with a sampler, six 6oz pour of the dozen or so available on that day. Matt went straight for the stout. I must say all the beers are pretty good, none of them I thought were awful but I certainly had my favorites.

After some good food it was time to make our way to La Crosse. We noticed they had growlers and both Matt and I got one. First night in town we knew we would be drinking and wanted to bring some beer to the party.  We got one each of the Gold Digger and Ambergeddon. We didn’t enjoy them on Friday but we managed to finish them off on Saturday.  That night we all drank a lot.  Some drinks were to remember, others to cry over, the rest to forget.

It was a tough weekend but all of us made it through it. We have a great family and we certainly pulled together during this tough time. I have always been thankful for my family and love them dearly.