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8278 Falcon Glen Road
Warrenton, VA 20186
Phone: (540) 347-1119

Our business began back in December 2000- when we purchased this pretty rolling property in the heart of Fauquier County. The site location is ideal for growing grapes due to the many ideal factors of slope, elevation, sun aspect, great soils, and the protection of Wild Cat Mountain ridge on the North side.

Birthday Weekend at Kelly’s Ford

Wednesday was Nancy’s birthday and during our celebrations that night we formulated a plan over the weekend to visit the Inn at Kelly’s Ford for a family get together.  My dad and Pat have been their twice before and said it is a great bed and breakfast in Remington, VA.  We gather the troops and headed out on Saturday for a short weekend escape.

pre-game at Morais Vineyards
pre-game at Morais Vineyards

The day started off with a trip to Morais Vineyards in Bealeton.  It has only been open for a year and the place is pretty impressive.  Nichole came to our house and we drove out to meet Greg and Maggie who already had wine poured for everyone and another bottle breathing.  In typical Greg style, the table was decorated and a spread of food out.  Pat, Matt and my Dad showed up here for a quick drink before heading to the inn.  We stayed here for a couple hours to drink some really good wines and smoke some cigars before heading to Kelly’s Ford.

My dad and Pat rented an entire house for the family to gather at for the night and a campsite for Matt and I.  We didn’t spend much time here other than eating dinner.  Most of the time we spent down at the camp site around a fire.  Bobby and Tracy couldn’t stay the night but did join us for most of the evening.  If the weather was not going to be so cold they would have camped out with Matt and I.  We spent a few hours around a small camp fire before heading back to the house for a family meal.

sunrise at the campsite
sunrise at the campsite

With bellies full everyone headed to the Inn while Bobby, Matt and I headed to the camp site.  The plan was to have a few drinks and enjoy some live music then everyone would join us at the campfire.  The three of us just started to get the fire going when all of a sudden, I see headlights coming through the forest.  The bar was a bust as it was beyond capacity with little hope of anyone getting a drink.  Instead of fighting the crowds everyone headed to the campsite for free drinks and conversation.

We must have spent 4 hours sitting around that camp fire in near freezing weather having a great time.  I know it doesn’t sound exciting but it was really great just sitting around the fire with the family.  We laughed and told stories all night, cooked a crap load of hotdogs and marshmallows too.  By midnight Nichole was already asleep with everyone else getting drowse.  Everyone headed back to the house while Matt and I settled in for a great nights sleep outside.  By 4am it was a little below freezing but in my nice 15 degree North Face sleeping bag, I was toasty warm.  I need to get a new sleeping matte but other than that I was fine.

I woke up the next more a little after dawn to see the sun rise across the field we were sleeping in, it was pretty cool.  Greg and Maggie came down to take us to breakfast at the Inn.  The breakfast was unimpressive but the view from the house across the field was spectacular.

inn_at_kellys_ford_2013-04Once the house was picked up and Matt and I broke down our campsite and everyone parted ways.  Bobby and Tracy left the night before and Greg and Maggie boogied just after breakfast. The rest of us went to Marterella Winery for a tasting.  We got there as they opened and the ladies did a tasting of red wines.  Nancy, Nichole and I continued the wine tour and headed across the street to Mediterranean Cellars for another tasting and to sit back and enjoy a glass.  It was not until 3pm that afternoon before we got home and I could finally take a shower.

It was a great weekend spent with the family to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  Gifts are always appreciated but I have found in my old age that just getting together with family and friends beats getting a nice gift any day.  I hope in the future to back to the Inn at Kelly’s Ford for some more camping with the family or just to get away for a romantic weekend with Nancy.  Maybe next year we will come back to relieve the glory days of this trip.