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moe. Revolution Hall Friday, February 28th 2020

February ended up being a busy month for concerts. The PDX Jazz Festival was this month and I saw two shows in a row the weekend before. Friday night was Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and Saturday it was Antibals. It was another Friday night and moe. was playing at the Revolution Hall a few blocks from my house. This place is not the biggest but it is really cool.

An old school that has been turned into a multi use building. One of the space is for a concert hall in what was the old school auditorium. There is a pretty big second level which I have yet to see but it looks nice up there. Most of the main floor is seated which is a change for a place this size. Very old and classic wooden auditorium chairs that are pretty worn out. Way down in front there is a dance floor which is usually packed with people. Honestly with all the chairs the places doesn’t really feel packed which is nice. The moe. show that night was sold out but I felt like there was plenty of space to move and not feel crowded. We were only just starting to understand covid-19 in this country so I’m sure some people stayed home out of an abundance of caution.

I got there a little after 7:30pm and sat right next to the light board in the middle of the floor. The section to my left was the sound board and I knew no one would be coming that way. I was also at the end of the row so there wold be at least one space between me and someone else. Even in front the woman didn’t sit directly in front of me which I thought was weird but appreciated. This spot allowed me a good view of the light guy who was interesting to watch all night. Seemed like most of the show is pre programmed as he just “randomly” smashed buttons. He literally had a button labeled “Tap” which I was curious about. At times he would bang away at that button. Anyway a good view of the stage and I could take a seat if I wanted.

Settling in for a spacey night of moe.

That night it was a weird audience for sure. Covid-19 was really only just starting to hit the US. There where a few cases in Washington and they found an early case west of Portland a few days before. That weekend the city prepared for what was to come. Friday night we all just tried to enjoy ourselves and have a good night.

A smaller venue for moe. to play I thought but a good stage. Because the venue is not very large everyone gets a good line of sight. I love the small dance floor and the option to sit down if you want it. Anyway I thought the first set, the entire night in fact, was very spacey. It was a lot of far out and jammy shit in my opinion. Definitely some different stuff then I have seen live over the last few years. It was great to see this different side of moe. I don’t think it is a larger shift in how the band sounds just an expression in the moment of space and time.

Set break was rather interesting that night. The woman in front of me really wanted to talk. I was tapping away on my phone writing a post but she was persistent. She even mentioned she would circle back as I continued to write. Eventually she did and we talked for quite a while during the break. Certainly much more liberal than I am. I got the feeling that she didn’t like me very much but that was ok. We managed to each keep a level head and talk about a lot of touchy subjects. It was more important to being correct was more important than being right.

moe. set 2

moe. really keep with a schedule that night. Second set started on the dot and continued the spacey jams for the rest of the night. It was just some very good relaxing stuff to be listening to. With everything that was going on and especially with everything that I know now after the show, it was great to just relax to a live concert with others. With the slow downtempo space beats it really added to the vibe for the evening. A sold out show according to ticket sales but pretty sparse the day of the show.

A great concert that evening for the start of the 30th anniversary tour. At first I wasn’t sure the show would go on but I was glad it did. Great performance by the band. Even if the light show was all pre programmed. The space jams really is what I enjoyed most. Just kicking back listening to some good music close to home.

moe. Friday, February 28th 2020
Revolution Hall
1300 SE Stark St
Portland, OR

Sold Out

Set one starts at 8:02pm

  1. Crab Eyes *
  2. Water >
  3. Meat >
  4. It >
  5. Gone >
  6. Billy Goat >
  7. Meat
    Set over at 9:21pm

Set two starts at 10:00pm

  1. Along for the Ride >
  2. Waiting for the Punchline
  3. Godzilla >
  4. Jazz Cigarette 
  5. Runaway Overlude #
  6. Silver Sun
    Set over at 11:07pm

Encore starts at 11:10pm

  1. Akimbo 
  2. Captain America

House lights at 11:21pm

* with Jake Cinninger
# Blue Oyster Cult cover

moe. February 19th 2017 SweetWater Brewery

Um….moe. and beer.  I could really just have this post be that one sentence and I think everyone would understand my most recent trip to Atlanta.  A while back moe. announced their winter tour closer, SweetWater Brewing Co. in Atlanta.  Their flag ship beers are available in our area so I am familiar with their beer and having moe. play was a combo to good to pass up.

Thankfully the festival was happening over the long Presidents Day weekend so I didn’t need to take any time off.  I spent all day Saturday driving down and then Monday driving back home.  For some reason I thought Atlanta was only 8 hours away but it ended up being closer to 10.  Not to worry.  I had plenty of time in the city to enjoy some culture, beer, and a concert from a kick ass band.

Saturday driving down was thankfully uneventful.  Got into down around 8 and the worst part was finding a place to park to be honest.  I picked a hotel that was close to the brewery in mid-town and I think it was a good choice.  I was only a few blocks from a MARTA station, near the High Museum of Art and lots of nearby restaurants.  I wasn’t that hungry so I spent the remainder of the night just walking around the city.  After such a long as drive I had no desire to site any more.

Now this is my kind of lounge.

Sunday was the main event.  Doors didn’t open til 2pm so I had all morning to relax and enjoy the city.  I started off with a relaxing cup of coffee at the Starbucks next to the hotel.  I spent my time here looking for a new job and working on my resume in fact.  I was also killing time till noon and the opening of the High Museum of Art.  I have been on this art kick recently so I was excited to try a museum outside the DC area.  The Smithsonian art museums here in DC are really nice, and free.  They generally focus on one particular style with everything relating back to that central theme.  The High Museum I thought was a more typical museum with a wide selection but not very deep in any one artist, style or era.

There are four levels with each level having a different collection and in fact each area of each floor is something different.  I thought the flow and design of the space was nice as with lots of open areas and exhibit space for all types of art.  Of course there are paintings on the wall but also large art installations, antique furniture, sculptures, and American cut glass but to name a few things.  I was really impressed with the place and enjoyed strolling around.  They have a couple Claude Mounet’s too.  His House of Parliament in the Fog immediately jumped out at me because the National Gallery of Art has two in this series.  Regardless, its a nice find at the High Museum.

I quickly ran out of time at the museum and started making my way to SweetWater Brewery for the concert.  I grabbed an Uber and let me tell you the place was smashed getting in.  The event was sold out and later I found out that was 4000 tickets which is a huge number.  In fact the road leading to the brewery was backed up and eventually I just got out of the car to walk the remaining distance which was quicker.  I was personally here to see moe. and drink beer but many were here to drink beer and see moe.  I was talking with a local and he said these events at the brewery are always packed and that most people come for the beer.

All over the place were beer stands offering a variety of beer.  The brewery was also open to the public so you could get a good look at the operations and depending on where you where, sample some beer.  I unfortunately didn’t drink as much as I would have liked but then again, I was really here to see moe.  During the set break I did manage to walk through the main tasting room to see some of the assembly line and of course grab a beer.

The entire show was pretty damn good I must say.  moe. loves their beer and have done a few of these brewery shows before.  They even partnered with Saranac to make their own beer.  Haven’t had it but I am sure it is good, lots of hops it would seem.  Before the second set Freddy Bensch came out and made a challenge to moe. for a three song second set.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen but it would have been kick ass if it did.  The weather all day was absolutely perfect as well.  In fact it was in the upper 60’s during the entire performance and I actually had to take my sweatshirt off I was so freaking hot.  Just a great day of beer and music, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The brewpub is on the bottom floor of this building. Really well designed.

The festival ended at 6 and after that I started making my way to Wrecking Bar Brewpub.  The walk from SweetWater to MARTA was pretty long as was to Wrecking Bar but let me tell you, not having to drive was freakin’ awesome!  I picked this place because I could get some food and the reviews on RateBeer where really good.  In fact I agree with them, this place is awesome and worth a visit.  I sat at the bar and the only weird thing about this was the food menu.  I don’t know if it was just because of when I arrived but it had only one app, two entrees and two desserts, not the full menu.  The bartender was really slow to act and didn’t seem to care much about me.  The food was incredible and the beers I had solid.  The place is in the basement with exposed wood and brick all over the place.  The ceiling is rather low but adds to the charm.  Certainly stop here if you are doing a brewery tour of Atlanta.

Monday was a holiday, my only objective was to drive the 10+ hours home.  I started with some coffee at Starbucks next door and made it a goal to apply for at least one job in Portland before I left Atlanta.  I sat outside as the weather was still absolutely perfect and went to work searching for a new job.  I can say I meet my goal and applied to a job in Portland and then hit the road just after 11am.  Thankfully the drive home was also uneventful and around 10 that night I pulled into my garage.

I must say this was a fantastic trip.  I have been to Atlanta several times over my life and this was the first trip that didn’t suck.  Something always happened on my other trips that would taint my experience.  moe. was simply amazing, the breweries top notch and the High Museum a great way to relax Sunday morning.  moe. is playing the SweetWater 420 festival and I would love to come back for that.  Trey and Panic are also playing but with my job situation in limbo, I don’t want to commit to that just yet.  If I am still in the area come April I think I just might make another trip to Atlanta.


moe. SweetWater Brewery – Atlanta, GA
Sunday, February 19th 2017

Set 1 start at 2:32pm
1. Happy Hour Hero > (nh)
2. Stranger Than Fiction
3. The Road > (nh)
4. St. Augustine
5. Puebla >
6. Shoot First >
7. 32 Things
Set over at 3:41pm

Set 2 start at 4:24
1. Plane Crash
2. Annihilation Blues
3. Not Coming Down >
4. Wormwood >
5. Opium
6. Spine Of A Dog >
7. Rebubula
Set over at 5:37pm

Encore starts at 5:44
8. Downward Facing Dog
Encore over at 5:55pm


moe. 9:30 Club September 26th and 27th 2015

moe. fall 2015 poster

Big plans always start out with a good idea.  Case in point, moe. announced a three night run in DC to start their fall tour which is part of their 25th anniversary.  Jeremy and I looked to get tickets but the only way to get all three nights was with a pass.  This pass was the only way to get tickets to The Hamilton for an intimate show.  The remaining two shows were at the 9:30 Club just down the road.  It didn’t take much convincing but we both bought passes.  Unfortunately I hadn’t yet sign up for fall classes and wouldn’t you know it, I had a class on Thursday night prevent me from seeing moe. at The Hamilton.  Ah well, can’t win them all.  Jeremy did attend and said it was a great show.

It is hard to visit the 9:30 Club and not walk down U Street.  We arrived with plenty of time before doors for Fridays show so we took some time to walk around till we found The Prospect.  A nice sports bar where we got some wings and I had a couple beers.  I was surprised to see they had Ballast Point Sculpin IPA on tap.  As soon as I saw that it didn’t even checkout the rest of the menu.  The atmosphere was good and the beer cold.  After a few drinks we headed back to the club to enjoy the show.

We already had our tickets so walked right up to the front door.  Even though it was a Friday night the show was not sold out which was really nice actually.  It allowed everyone plenty of room to dance around and not step on each other.  We got ourselves a good spot on the second floor along the rail and settled in for a good night of music.

moe_930Club_2015The entire show was filled with energy.  The band did one hell of a job on Friday and Saturday night in fact.  Both shows included some incredible jams and plenty of segues.  It felt like the second sets of each night never stopped, they just kept rolling on.  Even got a cover of House of the Rising Sun and Time on Saturdays show.  If memory serves me they have covered the entire Dark Side of the Moon album which itself is a really good show.

Friday we headed to Shelly’s Backroom for some food and smokes before the show.  It is always great to sit and relax for a while smoking a cigar in a friendly environment.  Saturdays show was also not sold out but no less energetic from the band.  We bellied up to the second floor railing, this time on the opposite side as Friday.  moe. once again put on a great show and played their hearts out.

They play Washington DC regularly and I think they enjoy coming to this area.  The crowds are great and support the band every time they pass through town.  Jeremy and I see them irregularly but when I do get the opportunity to see them locally, I have never been disappointed by the performance.  Here is to another 25 years of moe.!

moe Rams Head Live 2012-03-10 sold out sign

moe. Rams Head Live March 10th 2012

moe Rams Head Live 2012-03-10 sold out sign
sold out

I had been looking forward to the moe. show at Rams Head Live since the winter tour was announced some time ago. I caught them at the 9:30 Club in November for my birthday. Nancy and Matt went with me and the show kicked ass. This time out the show was on Saturday in Baltimore, I was looking forward to making it a long day in the city and then see the show that night. As much as I tried to get Nancy to come, even offering to get a hotel room for the night, she was just not interested in seeing moe. again. Not deterred, I forged ahead with my journey.

First thing was food, I was starving. The last time Nancy and I went to Baltimore we found Roy’s while bar hoping. Unfortunately it was closing so we couldn’t try it out. The sign says “Hawaiian Fusion” which peaked my interest when I saw it. Coming back for the moe. show I was bound and determined to eat there this time.

The place has a great atmosphere with a modern design. The lighting is a little low but the food more than makes up or it. This would be a good place for a date night if anyone is looking to impress someone. Being a Saturday night the place was packed. I was hoping to just get a seat at the bar but even that was full. I ended up posting up near the door till a seat opened.

It was still early, three hours till show time with an opener and probably two sets from moe. I was looking to fill my belly and have a buzz by the time I walked into the venue. The beer selection was good and I got a few on the happy hour price. I splurged for the appetizer, also on happy hour, dinner and a decadent desert to round out the evening.  I got the braised short ribs, a huge piece of beef, tender, juicy and had a great smokey flavor from the grill. There was mashed potatoes and some vegetable, what ever, the meat was king!

braised short ribs
braised short ribs from Roy's

James Joyce was up next for a quick beer and some soccer. It is on the way to venue so why not stop for a beer?  Nancy and I spent a good amount of time here while in Baltimore for my birthday and I wanted to come back and get a glass of Guinness. I love Irish pubs, everyone is so friendly and the beer selection is always good. What’s better than a cold glass of draught Guinness.  It was a week before St. Patrick’s day and the place was getting ready for the festivities already.

It was getting close to 9pm so I started to make my way over to the venue.  There was a message on the door about tonight’s show being sold out, lucky I got my ticket when I did.  The floor was already packed so I went to one of the bars on the second floor to get another beer and chat with others.  As the start time for moe. approached I muscled my way into the pit to enjoy the show.  It was packed and everyone around me was either smoking or drunk as shit.  This is the only bad thing about a Saturday show, everyone cuts loose.  Another thing this show had going for it was the last appearance by the band before jetting off to Holland for Jam in the Damn.

Like usual I thought the show was fantastic, it had a great energy with the sold out crowd.  There was some good banter back and forth during the second set with a Shake Weight.  From what I could figure out a fan gave it to the band before the first set.  During the start of the second they gave it back to the audience and asked everyone to pass it around and sign it, eventually returning it.  I am proud to say that it was returned to the band and its rightful owner at the end of the night.

I was on the fringe for most of the first set and used the time during the set break to wiggle my way within a few feet of the stage at the start of the second.  I had long ago quit drinking so I took everyone’s spot as they rushed to the bar and bathroom.

shake weight
shake weight

The show ended just before 2am that night.  As I headed back to my car I started to have a sinking feeling in my heart.  I knew that on Saturday nights the garage closed at 3am so I still had plenty of time, but at 2am Sunday the clocks went forward an hour.  It was now 3am exactly.  When I tried the front door it was locked and no one was answering the call box.  When I went around to the other side, that door was locked too and the same results for the call box.  I started to really worry when I saw on the sign that if you are locked out, you will have to wait till the following morning to get your car back.  Nancy was at a friends house and I don’t know anyone in the city I could call.  I pull hard on the door and eventually it opened up.  I had successfully broken into the garage, now I just needed to get my car out.

I first just drove to the exit and hoped someone would be there but it was locked up tight.  I could always crash the gate but I needed to get past the garage door after that.  While I was investigating the garage door it opened up.  It was a parking attendant dropping a car off from a local hotel.  I was able to get him to let me out of the gate and the door opened automatically when I pulled up.  Looks like I won’t be spending the night in the city after all!

I eventually got home just before 5 am, after the time switch that is.  My ass was dragging by that point.  The dance music and sugar rush from homemade cookies was doing little to keep me awake.  I was so glad to finally get home when I did.  I had spend all evening drinking some good beer and enjoying wonderful food.  Then I went and saw a kick ass moe. show and meet some cool people and one strange person too.  By the end of the night I almost got locked out of the garage and would have to find a hotel room to stay at, but I was able to break in and through the kindness of a stranger get my car out of hawk for the long ride back to Stafford.


Set 1: (10:17 pm start time)
01. Brent Black >
02. Rise >
03. Brent Black
04. Rainshine >
05. Deep This Time >
06. Brittle End
07. Shoot First (1)
08. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (1)
ends at 10:40 pm

Set 2: (12:12 am start time)
01. Sticks and Stones >
02. Okayalright >
03. Yodelittle >
04. One Way Traffic
05. The Road >
06. Down Boy >
07. McBain
ends at 1:36 AM

Encore: (1:40 am start time)
08. Spine Of A Dog
house lights at 1:45 AM

(1) Andy Falco from the String Dusters on guitar

moe. 9:30 Club November 12th 2011

My annual birthday show. This time around Medeski, Martin and Wood came early so I needed to find another show to attend.  Fortunately moe. stepped in and provided a wonderful night of music two days before my birthday for a Saturday performance.

Capitol City Brewing - Shirlington
copyright: Capitol City Brewing

Nancy and I started the evening off at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington for a few drinks and dinner. If I can help it I always eat dinner before seeing a show in DC. It is not often I get up there so I like to eat at a local place when possible.  We picked this place because I love beer and they brew there own onsite.  We arrived about 5:30 for a quick drink before rest the family arrived to help celebrate.  I wanted to try their Oktoberfest but it was out, very disappointing.

The Amber Waves was the best, my only repeat of the night. Their Kolsch was pretty good, light in color but some decent favors going on.  Their Pale Rider was a knock off of, fill in any domestic beer.  No flavor, clear as water, not worth your time.  Nancy got the other seasonal offering, Pumpkinator.  Surprisingly there is no pumpkin in this one, all you can taste is the variety of spices they use to make this one, not a fan of this one either.  If only they had Oktoberfest I would have been a happy man.

We stayed at the restaurant till almost 9 before leaving for the show.  Fortunately it is not far from Shirlington to the 9:30 Club, even with crazy city traffic.  At dinner Nancy convinced Matt to come along which was cool.  His first moe. show and first time at the 9:30 Club.  I knew parking was going to be difficult at best, but we lucked out and got a spot close to the club.

Right when we walked in the lights went out and the band stepped on stage.  It was after the official start time of 9, but within the requisite delayed start time many jam bands adhere to.  We headed to the upstairs bar while they played Blue Jeans Pizza. The show was not sold out, in fact neither night was, but the place was packed regardless.  I quickly got a beer and joined Nancy and Matt at the far end of the bar, from here we had a good view of the stage.

All night they played some good tunes.  I don’t know what the energy level was on Friday but tonight it was high. They jammed out. Like I predicted, the first set was an hour long, ending by 10:30. Nancy by this point was getting a little bored and her feet were killing here.  She was a trooper and stuck it out for most of the second set.  When I spoke to Matt he was enjoying himself, having never heard the band and spending $25 to get in, he liked what he heard.  I spoke to him again on Sunday about his impression, it was not the “fucking kick ass experience” I had, but he had fun.  One thing he didn’t like was the jams.

The second set started just after 11pm, just like I thought. I tell you I could have written the play bill that night. I later nailed the house lights at 1am. I didn’t predict the amazing 20 minute Recreational Chemistry encore, stuff like that is out of my league.  The house lights came up and we joined Nancy who was already in the car. She bugged out late during the second set. I don’t like leaving her alone in the city, she is a stubborn woman, at least the club is next to Howard University so the cops are always patrolling, keeping the peace.

We headed home, dropped Matt off and continued south, stopping to get some burgers before heading home.  There is something about eating greasy burgers after drinking and a late night show that I love.  We finally made it to bed

around three in the morning.

moe. from Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ 07/15/2011
Asbury Park, NJ copyright: Chris Paul

Set 1 (9:20pm start)
01. Blue Jeans Pizza
02. Skrunk >
03. The Bones Of Lazarus
04. Happy Hour Hero
05. Kyle’s Song >
06. Kids
set ends at 10:26pm

Set 2 (11:03 start)
01. Dr. Graffenberg
02. Wind It Up >
03. Understand
04. Chromatic Nightmare
05. Blue Eyed Son (1)
06. Gone (2) >
07. Faker >
08. Moth
set ends at 12:22am

encore: (12:26am start)
09. Recreational Chemistry
show over at 12:51am

(1) with al on mandolin
(2) with al on ’74 Gibson Double-neck guitar