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Total Eclipse of the Sun

So I arrived on the west coast on Thursday. That Friday we packed up the cars and headed to Walton Lake in central Oregon to camp for the eclipse. We had a groups site with some other people which was really cool. Spent a lot of time just relaxing and not doing much. I did hike up around Mountain with Tracy. The view from the top is a true 360 panorama which was cool. In the prairie below we could see the 30k music festival which was huge.

As for the eclipse totality was amazing. I know it was only 2.5 minutes but I had goose bumps the whole time. It got so dark and cold. You could clearly see the corona and the stars even came out for a brief minutes. Truly Amazon site to be seen.

If you want a Bette picture go somewhere else. I was to in the moment to worry much about taking pictures.

Picture the Moon

a mystical object in the sky
a mystical object in the sky

I like many people are fascinated with the moon.  It is a beauty to behold hovering in the night sky, slowly tracking across the sky as it chases the sun.

Yesterday afternoon while driving back home from Nancy’s house, the sun was quickly setting in the West on these short winter days.  To the East the moon was rising high, a strange site seeing an almost full moon rising in the early evening hours.  When I got home I decided to take a few shots of the moon.  Last time I tried things didn’t come out to well, all the pictures were blurry or blown out.  I did some research online and I found the answer I was looking for.  I need to shot the moon like it was in daylight.  Never mind the fact it is pitch black, the moon is fully light from the sun.  After I thought about that for a moment it made sense.

So on Saturday night when I was photographing the moon from my balcony, instead of decreasing the shutter speed I increased it…..a lot.  I have a Canon Rebel XSi and it’s fastest shutter speed is 1/4000 of a second.  So I started with that and worked my way down till the moon was completely blown out.  I also manually set the ISO level from 100 to 1600 and took the photo at various shutter speeds.  An interesting experiment and I learned a lot.

It was a good night of testing and I got a couple good photos.  This testing is the only way I will learn what my camera can do to get the best shots.  It is definitely not as simple as a point and shoot, but much more capable.  As you can see from my photo gallery, since I got my new camera I have turned into a shutter bug.

A full resolution picture shown above is available.  The one pictured above has been cropped and downsized to be web friendly.

Exposure time: 1/2000
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 800
Resolution: 4272 x 2848