Butte Camp Trail August 2022

I have hiked the north side of the mountain many times now that I have been here several years. One thing I have not done is hike the south side. I often see the south side while hiking in Oregon assuming I have enough elevation and the sky is clear enough. I wanted to see it for myself so I research on the Washington Trail Association website a good hike and Butte Camp was listed. A solid hike. Long enough and a steady challenge with some amazingly wide panoramic views of Oregon.

South Coldwater Trail 230A April 2022

This was to spend a good amount of time outside in the mountains by hiking to the top of next to Coldwater Lake. I have tried to get there before and unfortunately this time I would fail again. The reason is way better this time. Even in late April there is still significant amounts of snow at elevation. The slope and depth of a 100-200’ section of the trail stopped my progress for the day. I knew it was going to happen, just not where. Still a great day being outside in what really was perfect weather for hiking a mountain summit.

Coldwater Lakes Trail February 2022

Some crap weather in the mountains but thankfully the rain held off. The actual hike was only a little foggy as the ceiling was pretty high but no sun to be found. A peaceful walk next to the lake and a good time outside in Washington.

South Coldwater Trail August 2021

The weather was much better this time around and I got way further up the mountain. Just over 6 miles round trip with no rain but some fog which was awesome. Great views of the valley and lake below the higher you get.

Spine of the Ridge

I was determined to get out to Mount St. Helens again no matter what. I did get back out to the park but the rain made it a short trip. Still very exciting and relaxing even if I couldn’t spend all of it hiking.