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Grouse Vista Trail June 2022

I was on meow meow duty while the family was on the East Coast visiting Rehoboth Beach. I wanted to go but without a job at the moment it wasn’t a good idea spending all that money on a vacation. Plus someone need to take care of the fur babies and with the old sitter off to college, I volunteered. Being in Washington for almost a week I decided to do a hike on the last day of spring. Tracy had mentioned Silver Star Trail in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest a long time ago for wildflower viewing. I don’t have a high clearance vehicle so she suggested I start at Grouse Vista Trail and hiking to Silver Star Trail and then the summit.

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Sedona Turkey

Pat has been on a kick to visit with the family now that vacations are a thing again and travel feels “safer” we planned a trip to Sedona for the Thanksgiving holiday. Middle of the country is easier for everyone to get to so Arizona was appropriate. Pat was here about 12 years ago and remembered how beautiful it was and wanted to go back. She found an eclectic house that was big enough for us all in West Sedona.

This was my first view when i woke up and walked out of the cottage. I was impressed.
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Hidden Lake Trail #779 June 2021

So this trail I did the month prior in the snow and made it all the way to hidden lake. The review I read that day were accurate, snow covered the trail at higher elevation and make it impossible to get very far. With a lot of determination I stumbled my way to the lake. With it later in the season I was hoping the snow would be clear and I could get further. I wanted to see the lake again and make it to the top of the trail which intersected the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Depoe Bay for Mother’s Day

In a way this is another covid story. By the beginning of the year vaccinations really started to roll out. Pat was able to get one early because of her age and as the supply increased the requirements got lowered to cover more and more people. Knowing the vaccine was around the corner gave us all hope. This was great news as Pat was now comfortable traveling to see family. With that in mind Pat booked a trip over Mother’s Day to the west coast to see everyone. It had been a while since she saw her daughter and grand kids and she couldn’t wait to see everyone.

Depoe Bay
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Snow in the Mountains Still

First signs of snow on the trail. It was exciting to see.

I gotta say this past weekend was a perfect spring weekend here in Portland. The temps where in the low 80’s with a good breeze coming off the coast. The sky was a crystal clear blue without a cloud in sight. Saturday and Sunday I got outside for extended periods of time and so did a bunch of others.

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