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The One Motorcycle Show 2022

The One Motorcycle Show 2022

This was everything I thought it would be. I just want to say how impressed I am with the show and how it was put together. For months I have seen the poster for The One Motorcycle Show in the window of B-Side a few blocks from my apartment. Based solely on that poster image I came up with an elaborate story for what this show was all about. It was so spot on it was scary.

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Silver Falls State Park April 2022

Shocked to find a few remnants of snow at this elevation. About 1800′.

It’s been raining quite a bit the last few weeks so when the weather broke over a weekend I went outside to enjoy the sun. I wanted to hike in the forest and be close to trees so I headed to Silver Falls State Park to do some communing with nature. I didn’t have much interest in hiking around the 10 falls. Too many people and I wanted some solitude. I headed to the south of the park where I hoped would be fewer people. On such a nice weekend I expected the park to be smashed with people wanting to get outside and away from their homes for a few hours.

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Elk Creek Trail April 2022

It has been about 4 months since I last hiked here and the forest has changed a lot in that time.

A rather nice weekend around Portland and I wanted to go to the mountains. I was after my great white whale and hoping the bridge across Elk Creek would be open so I could hike to my favorite overlook spot. I took the chance and got a late start for Tillamook State Forest and Elk Mountain to check on that footbridge.

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Antibalas Star Theater Thursday, March 31st 2022

A completely empty venue with only minutes before the opening act took the stage.

Another show I almost missed because I didn’t hear about it till two weeks before the event. Only because I was looking at the True Loves touring page and saw a show in Portland that I knew Antibalas was playing at Star Theater. In fact I was a lot shocked that Antibalas was touring again. Last thing I read was they where breaking up. I think what happened was the lead singer moved on to do different things while the core band stuck around. If they did officially break up the rest of the band couldn’t stay away for long and eventually started jamming and creating new music. With all the new music they created a tour was in order and I agree.

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Al Di Meola Aladdin Theater Tuesday, March 22nd 2022

Just Al and two others joined him on stage. Very intimate evening with lots of story telling from Al about his musical career.

I was coming off a really shitty week of work and was looking forward to getting out of my apartment to see a concert. First time seeing Al Di Meola for his visit to Portland at Aladdin Theater which like most places is near my apartment. No indication there was an opening act but I figured it would be a good idea to show up early. My thought was Al would be punctual with the start time and he was. Unlike the last time I made it without getting caught by a train.

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