Opacity of Performance

Thursday was the first day of this special exhibit. It occupies one of the main rooms upstairs in the European section. I noticed the curtains the last time I was visiting. Its a 5 hour dance performance that rotates between 9 performers. It was really cool to watch. I was able to see the full rotation while I was there.

A Perfect Day at the Portland Art Museum

How to spend a perfect day in Portland? Have the day I had. Met a friend for coffee at the park across from the Portland Art Museum before we strolled through to admire all the beauty. After we had lunch at the Japanese cafe behind the museum. Then walking home ran into one of the most uplifting people I have run into in a long time all way the Canadians where trying to invade downtown. Just a perfect day.

Frida Kahlo and Mexican Modernism

Frida is a widely known Mexican artist here in the US. Her artwork, style, and especially her activism are known and her popularity has only increased after her passing. Only a handful of paintings by her and Diego Rivera but I loved all the history and intimate photos of her throughout her life. What an amazing story this exhibit told.

Picture This…

Life is slowly getting back to normal. Part of that for me was seeing the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Portland Art Museum before it closes. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Despite being packed it was still a good time.

Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art

Every Friday the Portland Art Museum runs a special on the entrance fee. After 5pm you can get in for just $5. With all the special exhibits going on and how frequently they change, this is a bargain. Everyone should get out and visit the art museum when they can. We can all use a little more culture.