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Because Real Trees Are Better

IMG_3164When I was growing up we always had a fake tree, it was easy and cheap.  I remember every year unboxing the tree and setting it up.  When I got older and moved into my own place I remember wanting to get  a real tree for once.  Since that time I have not gone back to fake trees and love getting a real thing each year.  I love the way they smell and I think they just plain look better then fake ones.

In the past I have gotten trees from a variety of places including Lowe’s, the local neighborhood stand and even Whole Foods.  This year I wanted an adventure and after some looking (who knew the Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association excited) I found Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm.  From our house in Ashburn it is not to far but still took an hour to get there.  Let me tell you it is way the hell back there in the middle of no where Loudoun County.  While it took a while to get there, the drive out this way is really nice this time of year.

A nice looking tree, so nice we decided to chop it down.
A nice looking tree, so nice we decided to cut it down.

When we arrive the placed was doing some brisk business but then it is the second weekend after Thanksgiving.  I usually try to get the tree the weekend of Thanksgiving but that just wasn’t going to happen this year.  The farm is located on a large parcel of land with rolling hills and a tons of trees.  There are hundreds to choose from and I must say we really didn’t have a plan of attack.  I read some reviews on which type to get but in the end we just decided to walk and find what we thought was the best tree.

After a long walk to the back of the farm we found the right one.  It was much easier cutting it down then I thought it would be.  In fact getting it back to the car took ten times more effort then cutting it down.  Those rolling hills while beautiful, made it difficult to get it back.  After an exchange of money we loaded it into the car and brought it home.  After some maneuvering we found the perfect spot in the house, now we just need some lights and ornaments.

One of my neighbors asked to borrow my tree saw and we started talking.  He said I could get one for $35 from Costco.  I saw his tree and it is pretty sad.  I paid a lot more for our tree but it was totally worth the price.  The color is good, it is full, thick, smell great and I really wont have to worry about needle drop.

Nancy’s 5th Anniversary of her 29th Birthday

It’s not often that Nancy’s birthday falls on a Friday and the following Monday is MLK day meaning a long weekend to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  I had been trying for weeks to get Nancy to commit to something for her birthday but she really didn’t want to.  She would have been content to sit at home but Pat was able to wrangle her into going out to celebrate with the family.

We started the night off in Round Hill, about 45 minutes the way our drunk crow flew.  We  started at a winery and slowly work our way back home traveling down route 7.  We took the country roads to Bogati Bodega & Vineyard for a couple bottles of wine.  We settle on Fat Ass which was pretty good.  While not to far for us, everyone was able to make it in a reasonable amount of time.  I believe Pat mentioned she left at 10:30am to make it on time.

After that we headed to Leesburg for a very nice dinner at Tuscarora Mills.  Nancy had been here once before for a baby shower and raved about the food.  Everyone was excited about this place and I must say it didn’t disappoint.  Greg meet an old co-worker who bought two bottle of wine for the table.  Besides the table being to small for 6 people, the food was excellent.  We got the full spread with apps, main course, desserts and coffee.  All of which were very good and while a little expensive, was worth the price.

After a nice dinner we headed across the street to MacDowell Brew Kitchen for a night cap.  The place was a little busy so we headed up stairs and found there was  free comedy show going on.  We got a round and enjoyed the show.  I don’t remember the name of the guy, he was ok.  He had his moments but it was certainly worth the price of admission.

By the end of the show everyone bailed.  It was pretty late and everyone else had a long drive ahead of them.  Nancy and I decided to head to Clyde’s Willow Creek for one last set of drinks since it didn’t close till 2am.  Nancy has tried to get me out there to see her happy hour crew and I was happy to oblige.  I don’t know if we meet any of the regulars but I did meet one of the happy hour bartenders, Jeff.  Definitely not my scene but the people watching was pretty good.

Eventually we made it home after a long night out, close to 2:00 in the morning I believe.  It was an eventful evening with lots of stops.  I wonder what we will do next year, Nancy’s birthday should fall on a Saturday so that is a full day of activities.  We packed four things into eight ours, can’t imagine what we will do with a full 24 hours.