Summit of Hawksbill

Random day off during the week so I went for a hike in the Shennandoah. Pretty light traffic as I expected but the hike up was nothing but rain. It sounded just like one of those apps you get on your phone to help you sleep.

Marys Rock March 2017

The weather could have been better and the trail was a mess but that didn’t stop me from hiking up most of Marys Rock in the Shenandoah over the weekend.

Hazel Falls and Cave November 2016

An absolutely perfect weekend to be outdoors hiking in the Shenandoah. The park was again smashed because of the fee free weekend and the great weather. A rather easy hike down to the falls and small cave were really nice.

Turk Mountain August 2016

While Lockn’ Festival had come to a close I wasn’t ready to go home so I found a relaxing hike in the southern part of the Shenandoah before finally going home after a very long weekend.

Stony Man Mountain September 2016

First nice day of fall so it was time to get out and hike! I hiked up Stony Man Mountain a few months ago and it was all fogged in, thought I would try again for the summit and a clear view.