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Rushmore to Remember Past Presidents

On my way from The Badlands to Yellowstone I made a quick stop at Mount Rushmore just because I could.  Kinda like seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Rushmore is on the way and worth a stop.  The park is actually well laid out and there are activities besides just looking at the mountain which is nice.  This is certainly a half day or a couple hour trip but worth it for the history.

The Badlands Not So Bad

The Badlands might not be bad but they are certainly hot in the mid 80’s with no shade for miles.  This place has a strange beauty to its ugliness. This park is really more about the geological structures which are pretty neat. Some good overlooks.  Got clouded out for sunset one night but I am sure it looks amazing here.  Camping at Sage Creek is a nice remote place.  Actually caught a meteor shower on Saturday night which was cool.  So peaceful that night.  The Castle Trail is no joke so be prepared if you are going in the summer time with high heat.  Bring lots of water with you!