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South Coldwater Trail 230A April 2022

I find myself with a lot of time these days and so when the weather was sunny with no rain over a weekend I decided to head to the mountains. I had just recently spent an entire day out in the forest and now it was time to do the same in the mountains. Within the Mount St. Helens National Monument I have attempted to summit Coldwater Peak or at least finish the Coldwater Lakes Trail along the ridge several times but have been thwarted each time. I decided this was the day to give it another shot.

Coldwater Peak, my ultimate goal.
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Silver Falls State Park April 2022

Shocked to find a few remnants of snow at this elevation. About 1800′.

It’s been raining quite a bit the last few weeks so when the weather broke over a weekend I went outside to enjoy the sun. I wanted to hike in the forest and be close to trees so I headed to Silver Falls State Park to do some communing with nature. I didn’t have much interest in hiking around the 10 falls. Too many people and I wanted some solitude. I headed to the south of the park where I hoped would be fewer people. On such a nice weekend I expected the park to be smashed with people wanting to get outside and away from their homes for a few hours.

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Elk Creek Trail April 2022

It has been about 4 months since I last hiked here and the forest has changed a lot in that time.

A rather nice weekend around Portland and I wanted to go to the mountains. I was after my great white whale and hoping the bridge across Elk Creek would be open so I could hike to my favorite overlook spot. I took the chance and got a late start for Tillamook State Forest and Elk Mountain to check on that footbridge.

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Hidden Lake Trail #779 June 2021

So this trail I did the month prior in the snow and made it all the way to hidden lake. The review I read that day were accurate, snow covered the trail at higher elevation and make it impossible to get very far. With a lot of determination I stumbled my way to the lake. With it later in the season I was hoping the snow would be clear and I could get further. I wanted to see the lake again and make it to the top of the trail which intersected the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Spine of the Ridge

After a very awesome Saturday the week before in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument I wanted to go back. Checking the weather there was a chance of rain and it would be cold but I was determined to get out to the mountain. The scenery was just to good to pass up. Just sitting at the overlook after a good day at the park….amazing. I wanted that feeling again.

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