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A park run by a state government, usually much smaller than national parks or a wildlife refuge.

Silver Falls State Park April 2022

Shocked to find a few remnants of snow at this elevation. About 1800′.

It’s been raining quite a bit the last few weeks so when the weather broke over a weekend I went outside to enjoy the sun. I wanted to hike in the forest and be close to trees so I headed to Silver Falls State Park to do some communing with nature. I didn’t have much interest in hiking around the 10 falls. Too many people and I wanted some solitude. I headed to the south of the park where I hoped would be fewer people. On such a nice weekend I expected the park to be smashed with people wanting to get outside and away from their homes for a few hours.

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Elk Creek Trail April 2022

It has been about 4 months since I last hiked here and the forest has changed a lot in that time.

A rather nice weekend around Portland and I wanted to go to the mountains. I was after my great white whale and hoping the bridge across Elk Creek would be open so I could hike to my favorite overlook spot. I took the chance and got a late start for Tillamook State Forest and Elk Mountain to check on that footbridge.

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Historic Columbia Hwy State Trail February 2022

Spring is here and the weekends for the most part have been good. This has allowed me to already do a number of hikes this year. With the weather staying good I searched for a new hike. It was going to be really nice weather so I wanted at least a 5 mile or longer hike that day. Searching the Oregon State Park website I found the John Yeon Trailhead along the Historic Columbia Hwy State Trail to do a hike. I was very unsure of this hike in terms of what it offered or would be like. It was interesting.

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Milo McIver State Park February 2022

This solitary tree off in the distance covered in fog I thought was really cool.

Another decent weekend of weather with Sunday being the better of the two days. This means it’s time to get outside and hike! I wanted a new place to visit so started searching the night before for a park in Oregon. Eventually found Milo McIver State Park along the Clackamas River just outside Estacada. Has something like 10-15 miles of trails and lots of other activities including camping. I was interested in the view of Mt. Hood and some fresh air.

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Elk Mountain October 2021, The Long Way Around

It was a beautiful Halloween weekend and I took the opportunity to get outside into nature, shocker I know. I know from past experience the bridge up the Wilson River Trail is seasonal and if I remember right it comes down November 1st. Technically it was 10/30 so I had time, packed my gear and headed to the Tillamook Forest for the day.

Elk Mountain Summit
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