Butte Camp Trail August 2022

I have hiked the north side of the mountain many times now that I have been here several years. One thing I have not done is hike the south side. I often see the south side while hiking in Oregon assuming I have enough elevation and the sky is clear enough. I wanted to see it for myself so I research on the Washington Trail Association website a good hike and Butte Camp was listed. A solid hike. Long enough and a steady challenge with some amazingly wide panoramic views of Oregon.

Tom Dick and Harry July 2022

Beautiful Saturday hike to Tom Dick and Harry Ridge via Mirror Lake Trail #644. Mostly tree covered so the temps where good. Because of the lake lots of mesquittos. The view from the top is totally worth it and pretty damn amazing. You can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. Probably more on a clear day.

South Coldwater Trail August 2021

The weather was much better this time around and I got way further up the mountain. Just over 6 miles round trip with no rain but some fog which was awesome. Great views of the valley and lake below the higher you get.

Elk Mountain July 2020

Another good weekend to get outside and hike. I didn’t give it much thought besides knowing I wanted to hike with Jenny. The easiest thing was to just hike Elk Mountain that we talked about the week before. We knew where to go, it was close, and Kings Mountain had a good view from the …

Kings Mountain July 2020

This was a serious hike but a good one. Two and a half miles with an elevation change of 2500′ its nothing to laugh at. The look across the valley is really nice. Unfortunately it highlights all the deforestation that has been allowed to happen. Pretty awful when you see it all. Still a good challenging hike.