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Dalton Point Recreation Site October 2020

I just needed to get out of the house. I wanted to do some writing in a new location outside and after thinking about it, and delaying for a while, I headed to Dalton Point Recreation Site along 84W. It was just the right distance from home to get a nice drive in but it wouldn’t take all day to get there or back. It was also late in the afternoon so I decided to pick this place to watch the sunset since it was along the river.

I wanted to take back roads for part of the trip but the directions took me straight down the highway. Coming from the west you actually have to drive past the entrance and turn around. There is no way to get here directly coming from the west. Even with the double back I still made it there in very quick time.

It’s a boat launch so I parked in the lot for the trailers. From here I found a trail and just followed where it went. Eventually it opens up to the water front. It was low tied so the shoreline was exposed. I was able to find a spot and catch the sun as it set that evening. It was cloudy but I knew it was there.

This is an easy spot to see the sunset. Depending on the year it will set right over the river so you can see it pretty far down from such a low angle. On my way off the beach I found a spot for a camp fire if you got some wood. The fall weather along the water was a little chillie that evening so a fire would have been nice. If you get out here its worth the short drive.