Butte Camp Trail August 2022

I have hiked the north side of the mountain many times now that I have been here several years. One thing I have not done is hike the south side. I often see the south side while hiking in Oregon assuming I have enough elevation and the sky is clear enough. I wanted to see it for myself so I research on the Washington Trail Association website a good hike and Butte Camp was listed. A solid hike. Long enough and a steady challenge with some amazingly wide panoramic views of Oregon.

Grouse Vista Trail June 2022

Was babysitting the fur babies in Vancouver and one of those days I decided to do a hike. Tracy had told me about Silver Star Trail and the Grouse Vista Trail which is easier to get to via car. This trail head is definitely deep in the woods. The hike itself is pretty damn good especially on the way down when the fog lifted. Crazy to see snow on the last day of spring.

South Coldwater Trail 230A April 2022

This was to spend a good amount of time outside in the mountains by hiking to the top of next to Coldwater Lake. I have tried to get there before and unfortunately this time I would fail again. The reason is way better this time. Even in late April there is still significant amounts of snow at elevation. The slope and depth of a 100-200’ section of the trail stopped my progress for the day. I knew it was going to happen, just not where. Still a great day being outside in what really was perfect weather for hiking a mountain summit.

Meute The Showbox Wednesday, April 6th 2022

Don’t remember how I first heard of Meute but by a strong of weird luck I saw they where touring America. With a few stops in the PNW I setup a mini vacation within a vacation to head up to Seattle to catch them perform.

Coyote Wall March 2022

Tracy recommend this hike to catch the early spring flowers. It was a good idea and this time the weather played nice. Not only was it not foggy but I could see all the way to Mt. Hood. On such a beautiful day the mountain side was filled with hikers and bikers. A good day to be outside.