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Cape Disappointment for Razor Clams May 2021

Camped April 30 to May 2nd 2021

When razor clams are in season and the moon is just right we get several campsites at Cape Disappointment and dig for clams. When we stay is based a lot on the phase of the moon and when it rises. That cycle is not like the sun so low tide can be at anytime during the trip.

Welcome to Cape Disappointment State Park

This time it worked out that the best times for low tide was over a weekend and during the day. The perfect tide ended up being the last day in April and the first few of May. Spring was still hanging on with cold temperatures and blustery wind at times. It was on occasion raining but was still very much unpredictable so planning to camping this far out was a gamble. But we know for sure the sites will go because of razor clam season so we booked our sites and hoped for the best.

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Phish Gorge Amphitheatre Sunday, August 29th 2021

I had a trip planned with friends and family to camp in the Scablands of central Washington before Phish announced their summer tour. When I found out they would be playing the Gorge Amphitheatre I was sad I wouldn’t be able to make it but it wasn’t the first time I missed seeing them from here and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last. As the camping trip got closer it became more important for me to see this show. Fuck the extra day off work, fuck the $250 for a single night of camping….none of that matter. I wanted….no I needed to see Phish.

This view…….holy shit. Big reason I love this venue.
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Scablands with a Side of Phish

I like to camp with the family and couple friends we know as often as I can. Recently Amanda put together a trip to the Scablands and invited us all along. The trip being scheduled at the end of August so the weather was a crap shoot but it ended up being a perfect weekend. That perfect weather was put to good use with all the activities in the area. The cherry on top for me with seeing Phish at the Gorge Amphitheatre to close out a three night run.

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South Coldwater Trail August 2021

Back in spring I hiked this trail but the weather prevented me from getting to far. This time I was back with better weather and a dream to get further up the ridge line. When I last checked the weather it generally was going to be good. However on the drive up I ran through a couple rain drops which made me nervous. Just like the first time I was determined to get outside this day and hike as far as Mother Nature would let me.

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Spine of the Ridge

After a very awesome Saturday the week before in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument I wanted to go back. Checking the weather there was a chance of rain and it would be cold but I was determined to get out to the mountain. The scenery was just to good to pass up. Just sitting at the overlook after a good day at the park….amazing. I wanted that feeling again.

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