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South Coldwater Trail 230A April 2022

I find myself with a lot of time these days and so when the weather was sunny with no rain over a weekend I decided to head to the mountains. I had just recently spent an entire day out in the forest and now it was time to do the same in the mountains. Within the Mount St. Helens National Monument I have attempted to summit Coldwater Peak or at least finish the Coldwater Lakes Trail along the ridge several times but have been thwarted each time. I decided this was the day to give it another shot.

Coldwater Peak, my ultimate goal.
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Meute The Showbox Wednesday, April 6th 2022


I don’t remember how I was turned onto Meute but I have heard them before. There is a good groove to their music. They are like a professional high school marching band. All extremely talented musicians that play the same instruments as a high school marching band would play during the halftime on Friday night. I stumbled across their show at Wonder Ballroom but I had a scheduling conflict so I went to the show at The Showbox in Seattle the day before instead.

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Coyote Wall March 2022

Spring is in the air. Trees are starting to bud and flowers are blooming. The air is sweet with pollen. Unless you have allergies in which case it smells like asshole. Sunday was going to be a good day to be outside. Based on a recommendation from Tracy I went out to the Columbia River Gorge to do a hike to see some flowers. The skies where clear for the most part and there wasn’t any fog unlike the last time I was here for a hike back in January.

#4426 Old Ranch Road #4428 Coyote Wall
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Coldwater Lakes Trail February 2022

Getting deep into February and the weekend weather was finally starting to turn. Saturday would be the better of the two days with the rain coming late in the afternoon. I figured a safe bet would be to hike around Mount St. Helens to the north. It is a little further inland and figured the rain would take longer to get there. The downside is its a longer drive so my time savings with the rain might not matter.

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Hidden Canyon Trail January 2022

The entire weekend turned out to be great with almost perfect weather for it being winter. Saturday was a home cooked meal with the family and because the nice weather was continuing into Sunday so we had forced family fun. We decided on a hike because of the nice weather. It was still winter so we didn’t want to venture to far into the mountains for fear of impassible roads. Tracy found a hike in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area just past Hood River.

The blue of the water is hard to capture or explain but it was beautiful.
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