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Widespread Panic September 7th 2016 Warner Theatre

I bought my ticket day of so it was pretty high in the bleachers but still a good view of the stage.
I bought my ticket day of so it was pretty high in the bleachers but still a good view of the stage.

Unfortunately I was going to miss the show in Asheville for reasons beyond my control. I had that trip all planned out including a stop at the Funkatorium which has nothing but aged sour beer! I was so looking forward to the beer and show but I would have to skip it. Thankfully Widespread was opening the fall tour, probably their last tour for a while, here in DC. I couldn’t make both shows but I was excited to still see them one last time before they go on touring hiatus for a while.  It reminds me of the acoustic show at the Fillmore several years ago.

As with most Warner Theatre shows I arrived in the city early and headed to Shelly’s Back Room for a cigar and beer before the show. I wanted to get several drinks in me before the show and not have to buy them at the theatre. Shell’s has a better selection and at a cheaper price. Actually at Shelly’s it was interesting seeing all these hippies walk in who were going to the show. I thought I stick out but everyone else certainly did. By 7:30 I was three beers deep and it was time to tab out. My seat was purchased the day of the show and located in the nose bleed section so I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting to my seat.

Some pre-gaming at Shelly's before the main event.  I love that the two places are so close to each other.
Some pre-gaming at Shelly’s before the main event. I love that the two places are so close to each other.

The venue was ruckus as show time approached. I skimmed the set list from the night before and it looked pretty good. I haven’t seen many WSP shows but I have yet to be disappointed when seeing them, tonight was no exception. First set had a very good flow to it which was cool and what I saw of the second set was also kick as.  Unfortunately by about 11:50 I had to start making my way to Metro to catch the last train out of town.  The trains use to run till 2am on the weekend but that ended a while ago so catching late night performances is difficult. Was sucked even more was the train about almost 30 minutes late which would have allowed me to see the entire performance without leaving early.

Besides leaving early and missing the last few songs of the concert, it was a great night. I love grabbing a smoke at Shelly’s and then headed to the Warner for a show. Tonight’s was another great one from WSP and it is unfortunate they will be touring less in the coming year. I do however understand the temporary hiatus however. Most jam bands tour extensively and it can wear on anyone after a while. With the limited schedule in the coming year it just means I will have to travel further for those special performances which I am not opposed to at all. While I may not see as many shows as I did in my youth, my job affords me to travel further distances and stay in nicer hotels then when I was in my 20’s.


Set 1 (start at 8:27pm)
1. Diner >
2. Bear’s Gone Fishin’ >
3. Climb To Safety
4. Little Kin >
5. Travelin’ Light
6. B of D >
7. Bust It Big >
8. Weight Of The World >
9. Junior
Set over at 9:43pm

Set 2 (start time at 10:23pm)
1. Christmas Katie >
2. Radio Child
3. Aunt Avis >
4. Rebirtha >
5. jam >
6. Imitation Leather Shoes
7. Tall Boy >
8. Ride Me High >
9. drums >
10. Cease Fire >
11. Honky Red

12. Chilly Water

Note: Not sure of the exact end time the show, I had to leave to catch the last train out of the city.


Widespread Panic February 12th 2016 Altria Theater

wsp-spring16_fbpost-1-980x735The last time I saw Panic in Richmond was at The National and that venue was hot, packed, but a vibrant show. When I saw them playing at Altria Theater, I was excited. I had never been here before and didn’t know what to expect.

I ended up taking the entire day off to prepare for the show. I got caught up on some homework and working a little this morning before driving down to Richmond. I wanted to leave with enough time to get to the city, check in and get some food before showtime. Unfortunately traffic on 95 was horrible. Thankfully it did not delay me to much. I wasn’t late but I forgot just how bad it can be down 95 on a Friday. It was 3pm and I had traffic all the way to Fredericksburg.

copyright Andy Tennille
copyright Andy Tennille

After getting settle in I had a craving for BBQ and found Deep Run Roadhouse which was only three blocks from the venue. Great atmosphere but one thing I quickly noticed was the lack of beer. The place has this retro feel to it with reclaimed wood and bare brick walls all over the place. The menus is hand written in chalk with a ton of things to choose from. I ordered the two meat combo, pork because I love it and I let them choose the second meat, brisket. For sides the jalapeno mac and cheese jumped out along with corn bread slathered in whipped honey butter. All of the food was excellent. The meat could have used a little more smoke flavor and a bit less salt but it was really great stuff.  One weird thing I noticed about the brisket was the heavy use of a rub. It had a strong flavor which was great but certainly much more flavor then just meat and smoked. It also appeared to be cubed, not sure if this was how it was cooked or just cut. The fat on the brisket was well rendered too, melted in my mouth it was so good.

A classicly designed three level theater. Very ornate and well decorated on the inside.
A classically designed three level theater. Very ornate and well decorated on the inside.

Having not had a beer I set out to find a place to drink. Unfortunately Altria Theater is right in the middle of VCU so alcohol is hard to come by. In fact I only found three places, all of them smashed with no bar area to speak of. Instead I just enjoy the walk and tried not to focus on the 30 degree weather freezing my ass.

Once inside this place is amazing. It is a classic theater with three levels and old world styling. I first scoped the bathroom and the bar downstairs. No line and it was right next to the free coat check which was amazing. Each level has these grand rooms to socialize before the show and at intermission which is great. Instantly recognizable sculptures and molding on the walls and ceiling. Truly a classic theater in every sense, well done.

I grabbed my Hardywood The Great Return and headed to the second level and my seat. I was far right in the back, my row only had three seats in fact, plenty of room for dancing and one reason the people next to me tried to squeeze in four people in a spot meant for two. In the end it didn’t much matter because despite being sold out, the crowds where very respectful. One thing I notice from a Panic show as apposed to a Phish show is the average age of everyone. For Panic, I am the young one and for Phish I am the old man. Interesting demographics for each band.

IMG_3371Second thing about this venue was the sound, I could barely make out the vocals. Not sure if this is because of my location or what. The music however was great. Very good all round show with a few new songs and some classic hits. The band was in to the show and the crowd was showing their support.

Panic was in rare form during the entire show. The first thing was the addition of Duane Trucks on drums after the departure of longtime drummer Todd Nance.  I thought Duane did a find job and grasped the subtleties of the band and contribute his own distinctive sound to the overall performance.  I am generally not a fan of drums in a show but his drum solo and the jam that followed during the second set where really good.  First time played for Heroes and the occasional rarity of Angels Don’t Sing The Blues was nice during the second set. Ending set two on a high with Love Tractor was awesome. Even the encore had a debut with Hallelujah. Good to have a new song but way outta tempo when compared to the rest of the show.

All around a great performance.  Only thing I didn’t particularly like was the walk back to the hotel because of how cold it was.  I was to cheap to get an Uber and besides, the walk was good for me.  I spent the next morning in Richmond at the Shockoe Espresso & Roastery in downtown and it was a great little coffee place.  I spent all morning drinking coffee and working on my programming homework in a very relaxing environment. As the morning wore on students from VCU starting arriving to do the same thing.


Set 1 (start time 8:23pm)
1. Little Kin
2. Henry Parsons Died
3. Wondering
4. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
5. The Poorhouse Of Positive Thinking
6. Ribs And Whiskey
7. Junior
8. Rock
9. Thought Sausage
set over at 9:19pm

Set 2 (start time 9:51pm)
1. Conrad
2. Jack
3. Dyin’ Man
4. Machine >
5. Barstools and Dreamers
6. One Kind Favor >
7. drums >
8. jam >
9. Up All Night
10. Angels Don’t Sing The Blues
11. Heroes (DB)
12. Love Tractor
set over at 11:28pm

Encore (start time 11:31pm)
13. Hallelujah
14. Protein Drink >
15. Sewing Machine
house lights at 11:50pm

Satisfied rap during Barstools and Dreamers


Widespread Panic Pier Six Pavilion April 26th 2015

wsp_spring2015_tourSpring tour was announced many months ago so I have had lots of time to prepare for Widespread Panic coming to the region for a good week of shows.  I didn’t pre purchase any tickets because I was not 100% on my schedule or if I could find anyone that wanted to go with me.  As the shows go closer I could see that work and school would take up my time not allowing me to see a show during the week.

The last show in this area was at Pier Six in Baltimore.  From my new house it is about 1:30 hours, a huge time saving compared to living in Stafford.  The one good thing about the Sunday night show was that traffic is not yet that bad.  Once summer hits, 95 will be a mess on the weekends and everyone is either heading to or from the beach by car.  This allowed me to take a nap and get well rested for the show to come.

wsp_pier_six_pavilion-2015For a late April show the weather was very chilli.  Everyone was wearing jackets and preparing for the mid-50’s that it would get down to.  Being on the water lowers the temperature that much more.  Another weird thing about the water was the number of boats I saw in the harbor.  In fact people where sitting on each flanking pier to watch and hear the show.

The show itself was a good one.  One of the other fans had a t-shirt that said “Never Miss a Sunday Show” and let me tell you that was some sound advice.  There was one slow spot in the first set and around the drums of set 2 was weird.  But all in a all worthy performance by the guys with Duane Trucks still sitting in on drums.

One of the highlights from this show was all the covers.  They have certainly been played before but I thought the selection and shear number played made this show spectacular.  Standouts included Pusherman and the show stopping Ballad of John and Yoko.  A few years ago when I saw them at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, they played this the second night of the run.  I could only see one show and I picked the night before.  I kinda thought I got some vindication when they played that the other night.It was a great performance and I am glad I went.  The show ended just before 11pm but I didn’t manage to make it home till 1am.  250th show by my count as well so that makes it a little more memorable.  See you all on the road.

Set 1 starts at 7:41pm
01. Holden Oversoul
02. Give
03. Tickle the Truth
04. Rock
05. The Poorhouse of Positive Thinking
06. Happy
07. Airplane
08. Rebirtha
09. Blackout Blues
set over at 8:46pm

Set 2 start at 9:17pm
01. Worry
02. Mercy >
03. Jam >
04. Big Wooly Mammoth
05. Chainsaw City (Little Women cover)
06. Blight (brute. cover) >
07. jam >
08. drums >
09. Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield cover)
10. May Your Glass Be Filled
11. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature (The Guess Who cover)
walk off stage at 10:38pm

Encore starts at 10:41pm
12. Dream Song
13. The Ballad of John and Yoko (The Beatles cover)
house lights at 10:54pm

Widespread Panic Wolf Trap June 5th 2013

Widespread Panic took a break over most of 2012 and this was their first tour since the hiatus. When it was announced and I saw Wolf Trap on the schedule I jumped at tickets as soon as they went on sale. Later when I started signing up for classes, I made sure none were scheduled for Wednesday night so I could go to the show.

This was my actual seat in the pavilion before the show started. I ended up sitting on the lawn with some friends.

A few days before the show Maggie messaged me asking if I wanted to come. I told them I bought my ticket the day of and I was in.  I had a pavilion seat that was now useless but that was ok. I have always thought the vibe from the lawn is better and it’s better to see shows with friends as apposed to alone. I arranged to meet at their house in Centreville and carpool to Wolf Trap. Because I had a designated driver I was now free to drink. A quick stop during lunch for some beer and food and I was set.

We didn’t get to the venue till a quarter to 7 and I went I to get a spot on the lawn while they waited for tickets. I was not all the surprised to find the lawn pretty packed when I walked in. I was able to find a spot to the right of the stage down front, not the best spot but better than many that arrived later. At this point we settled in with drinks and food while we waited for show time. It being Wolf Trap I figured they would stick pretty close to the official start time.

While not a sold out show, it was a packed lawn and pretty full pavilion.

The show started almost on time and hit the ground running with Wondering > Pilgrims, Tall Boy. I had high hopes for a high energy show with an opening sequence like this. From here it took a decidedly mellower turn for the rest if set 1. The show had a groove and funk to it but never really busted out. My guess is that because they came off a long break, they were a little rusty. I was expecting the first half of the tour to be like this but to start rocking come the second half.

During the set break I meet a couple of cool people and talked to them for a while. They were not much into WSP but into other jam bands and decided to give them a shot. Greg and Maggie both commented on the fans at the show, not what they are use to seeing. All these hippies in one place and Greg noticed many of them would sway with the music.

copyright Matt Leunig
copyright Matt Leunig

I was hoping that the second set would be high energy but it was more mellow stuff. The show ended rather early for a WSP show but within the limits of Wolf Trap. Both Greg and Maggie enjoyed the show and I had a blast. While mellow the show didn’t disappoint. Getting out of Wolf Trap was a pain but that is par for the course here. It was a school night and I didn’t get home till 1am that night. Certainly well past my bed time but worth the memories. Can’t wait to see them next time around and hopefully Greg and Maggie will come along. Maybe get Nancy to come out as well, one can always hope.

Set 1 (7:44pm start)
1. Wondering >
2. Pilgrims
3. Tall Boy
4. Bowlegged Woman
5. Saint Ex
6. Trouble
7. Heroes >
8. Impossible >
9. Imitation Leather Shoes
Set 1 ends at 8:42pm

Set 2 (9:14pm start)
1. All Time Low
2. Pickin’ Up the Pieces
3. You Got Yours
4. Airplane >5. Shut Up and Drive
6. Bear’s Gone Fishin’
7. I’m Not Alone
8. Fishwater >
9. Porch Song
Set 2 ends at 10:25pm

encore: (10:30pm start)
10. Aunt Avis >
11. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Show over at 10:40pm

Widespread Panic Fillmore January 24th 2012

WSP Wood Tour poster

I posted twice about this performance from the show, now I have more time for an in depth review from last night.  The Fillmore in Silver Spring only opened last September and none of their booked acts thus far peaked my interested.  In November it was confirmed that Widespread Panic would be taking a indefinite hiatus starting in 2012.  They would play their already book, and sold out, four nights in Puerto Morelos Mexico and limited engagements in Atlanta, Denver, Aspen, and Silver Spring.  I jumped all over the tickets when they went on sale in middle November.  It could possible be the last chance to see the band for a few years and it was going to be an all acoustic tour which sounded really cool.

The two shows at the Fillmore would kick the tour off and I decided to catch the first of the two shows.  As much as I wanted to see both nights, the high ticket price and distance from my house on a school night precluded me.  I left work at 6pm for an 8pm show time which Widespread is pretty good at keeping.  I knew that traffic would be a little rough, only once I got to the American Legion Bridge did things slow down.  I still managed to make it to the parking garage by 7:30, enough time to find a bit to eat and head into the show.

Just the lobby alone was impressive.  You are given a choice to go upstairs or into the club on the ground floor.  On either side of the floor there is a huge bar that has a good selection of bottle beers.  They do have drafts, but it was limited to only domestics, prices were “ok” at $7 for my bottle of Anchor Steam.  I was impressed they had it however so the price was worth it.  The upstairs has a VIP section with seats along either side of the balcony and on the second level opposite the stage is a tiered VIP section with tables.  Behind all the VIP sections there is space for general admission patron to stand.  You can’t see much of the stage from these spots, but there are tvs hanging from the ceiling that have a feed of the stage.  The live feed, with audio, is piped into a bar and lounge in the basement which is really cool.  The dance floor is made of wood and there are the signature Fillmore hanging chandeliers, four in all, next to a mirror ball.  All in all this is a really nice venue and I can’t wait to get back to the place.  Even the bathrooms are impressive.

jam on guys

As for the performance, it kicked ass.  I have seen acoustic songs before and been to quite venues like the Birchmere and Rams Head Tavern but this was completely different.  The song selection was good, each version was played in a mellow fashion to go along with the acoustic instruments.  John, Dave, and Jimmy all sat in chairs while they played.  One thing I noticed about Jimmy was he didn’t switch his guitar much, if at all.  I am use to seeing him get a new guitar every couple of songs, depending on what sound he is looking for that particular song.  All the band members seem to enjoy the night and really get into the acoustic vibe.

The audience was a typical WSP crowd, a little older and much more mature than some other acts I see.  There was of course lots of drinking, the floor after the show was covered in spilt beer and empty plastic cups.  All in all, they were respectful of the performance and really got into at times.  On several songs, because of the performances quite nature, the audience would sing along with John.  When I was dancing to the music at times I would look up at the balcony and see everyone grooving to the music.  It was also funny to see the audience at the start of each set whip out their cell phones to snap some photos.  Don’t think I am throwing stones, how do you think I got my shots from the night?  Just a funny observation from the night.

Getting home took about 70 minutes cutting through downtown DC.  Unfortunately I can’t make the performance tonight.  I do look forward to going back to the venue sooner rather than later.  I think it is a welcome addition to the live music scene here in Washington DC.  I just hope top caliber acts continue to go to the State Theatre, Birchmere, and 9:30 Club.

Set 1 (8:18pm start)
01. This Part Of Town >
02. Worry
03. Fishing
04. St. Louis >
05. Clinic Cynic >
06. Wondering
07. Free Somehow
08. Genesis >
09. Holden Oversoul
(9:12pm end)

Set 2 (9:55pm start)
01. From The Cradle
02. Can’t Get High
03. Gimme
04. Degenerate >
05. Pilgrims >
06. Travelin’ Man >
07. Saint Ex >
08. jam >
09. Driving Song >
10. jam >
11. Driving Song >
12. Breathing Slow >
13. City of Dreams
(10:56pm end)

encore: (11:00pm start)
14. None of Us Are Free
15. May Your Glass Be Filled
16. Walkin’ (For Your Love)

(11:16pm end)

Wood Tour
Last ‘Fishing’ – 11/29/08, 215 shows
Last ‘Free Somehow’ – 10/28/08, 225 shows

time to go home